I'm Quitin'! (kinda long)

I have worked retail pharmacy for 4 months now, and it has total stress the entire time. I guess I should have realized the job wasn’t as great idea when she told me she hoped a stayed there, because she couldn’t get techs to stay longer than 3 months.

She has belittled me from the beginning, but here’s when our troubles started:
No time off for finals!!

Today was the last straw. She tried to call me into work early, but I wasn’t home. My dad checked, and told her I wasn’t there. She asked my dad “Are you sure your daughter isn’t home?”(in THAT tone, you know the one I’m talkin about). Basically, she called my dad (and myself) a liar. Well, she called me into the office tonight to give me the whole “we all gotta pull our weight” speech. I have worked 25-35 hours a week for the last month (and I’m taking 20 credits hours in college!). So, I’ve had it. I just finished typing my notice. I really don’t care if anyone reads all this, I just feel better now after typing it. Thank you


That wasn’t long.

And you go, girl! You go right over there and submit that letter. If youre not happy, then why beat yourself up?