I'm quitting. Now give me my raise.

Being a college student, I work for a nationwide chain of pharmacy/general stores. So as not to offend any employee who works in this chain, I will pretend to be in good faith and refer to it by the thinly veiled attack of “Bite Aid.”

I was making half nothing. Also, completely incompetent fuckers (heretofore, “ComInFucks”) who I was saddled with the responsibility of training were walking in and making 60 cents per hour more than I was. No prior cashiering experience, no special skills, no extra availability - just 60 cents more for no good reason.

I bitched and bitched and bitched to my manager, who recognized, just as my district manager did, that there was a GIANT gap in both ability and pay between Ace and the ComInFucks. So he promised me 60 cents.

A few weeks later, he said he made a mistake and promised me 60 cents.

A few weeks later, 35 cents were in my paycheck. No big deal, since most of the ComInFucks only lasted a few weeks.

Anyways, so recently I asked for a promotion. I needed the extra $1 an hour that comes with being a key cashier, and I was ready and willing to take the responsibility. It came with a three-week training period, and in the fourth week I was to receive my raise.

The check for the fourth week came last Friday. No raise. On Saturday, I worked with my head manager. I wrote up all of the pertinent information (number of hours, amount of raise, employee #, etc) and asked her to please make sure I was compensated or at least had some kind of reaction from someone higher up than her. I didn’t work again until Wednesday, so I assumed three business days plus a Sunday would be enough to get at the very least an “I’m sorry” from someone who once shook hands with a FOAF of the guy who runs payroll.

I came in on Wednesday. NOTHING. My manager made no mention of the situation, there was no check, no cash advance, no apology, NOTHING.

I gave my notice and my last shift is on October 5th.

FUCKY YOU, BITE AID. And you better believe that if I don’t get my raise applied to each and every last quarter of an hour since that check, I’m headed straight to the fucking labor board. What are they gonna do? They’re gonna take all those 16-year-old ComInFucks you’ve been hiring and stick them straight up your ass. And they’re gonna make you sorry you fucked your best worker like that.

Good for you!

Believe it or not, you can win these things. I have gone to the Labor Dept. 3 times on various bad decisions, won one, partially won another, and another is pending. (This is over a period of 15 years.)

It takes a long time, and I believe that if it hadn’t been for a Republican administration (GHW Bush) during the partial win, I would have won that one outright - that woman was absolutely hostile.

Take it to the wall, brother (or sister). It’s the principle of the thing; they promised, you deserved, they didn’t deliver. If you can, try to get raise agreements, duties, job offers, all that kind of stuff in writing. And if they won’t put it on paper, their refusal will tell you all you need to know about a prospective employer.

why not protest outside the store… get some union guys in on it… beat up the other cashiers… horse heads are always a nice touch, too.


Good value, Ace! I hope for your sake it’s relatively easily settled - hate to see you have to drag this shit out for months over a couple of bucks. But do whatcha gotta do, and know more than a few of us Dopers are behind you. :slight_smile:

I usually pitched.