I'm really not a morning person

I’ve just returned from lunch and only at this point (i.e five hours after I first put them on) did I notice that I’m wearing entirely different shoes on my left and right hooves.

Man, from now on I’ve really got to get a bit more sleep.

And as a further indication, this was probably more appropriate for MPSIMS.

Fuck me. There, that should fix it.

You were so tired you couldn’t even muster up any profanity or genuine ranting. You really do need more sleep.

A minute late and a dollar short.

That is fucking hilarious.

*Checks feet.

Heh, my daughter does that all the time.

She’s 3. :smiley:

I usually wear soft soled clogs to work. One day I arrived at the office wearing my slippers. I do so feel your pain.

I once didn’t notice my t-shirt was on backwards until 1:00 pm. Logo smack on my back. I was 12, of course.

On the bright side, the next day this other girl wore her t-shirt backwards (from what I heard, intentionally). Look around tomorrow for admirers wearing different shoes. You just may start a trend!

Well, at least until noon, from now on,

We’ll do the thinnin’ round here, El Kabong!

One time. Not too long ago. I wore a black belt with brown shoes. :shudder: I had to go home at lunch and change. I feel your pain.

heheh, smarty pants.

(pssst. you ARE referring to the long ago brown/black pit thread right, Riiight? :D)

That’s nothin’. Mr. NinetyWt called the boss this morning to say that he would be late coming in.

Only, he does’t work on Saturdays. :smack:

Some years back, I not only wore different shoes, but one was black and the other was taupe! I didn’t even noticed until some time after I’d gotten to work. This should have taught me not to dress in a dark room, but the day before yesterday I showed up to work with a black jacket and navy blue pants (I thought they were both black when I put them on).