I'm really pissed! How DARE the US Post Office lose my Sunset Boulevard tour CD?

Anyone here ever have the lovely experience of getting a package from the USPS stamped “received w/out contents.” I just did for the new Sunset Boulevard tour CD from the UK.
I am furious. What the FUCK can I do? I don’t know anyone else who is going to see the show? It’s very valuable. A copy went on ebay for $41 and the stupid post loses mine?

Or maybe some employee took mine home? Either way, I am very very upset. :mad:


Yes, if you had it insured (which you always should when shipping Via the postal service), they should reimburse you.


Don’t know if you bought it on eBay, but I thought that if one pays with PayPal on Ebay, there is some sort of built in insurance for the buyer.

Who was the sender? Private party or a retailer?

Sender was an e-friend in London, package not insured. Strictly a private deal. All I can do is go to the Post Office on Tuesday and fill out a lost items claim and see if it turns up. E-friend will have to do the same, and see what happens.

Go postal! :stuck_out_tongue: