I'm Ryan Dunn and this is the 150mph fiery car crash.

Jackass cast member dies in single-car collision with trees.

Say what you want about drunk driving, whether or not he deserved it, whether or not he irresponsibly killed his passenger… Just admit you’re surprised he wasn’t killed on set doing something else. A big part of his life was giving the people what they want, for that he should be remembered.

I don’t recall asking him to shove a toy car up his ass, but I appreciated the gesture.

I’m sad. I love Jackass.

I’m not at all surprised that he didn’t die on-set. Most of their stunts weren’t directly life-threatening, and for those that were they often had an ambulance on call. Most of the members of Jackass are at far more risk from their thrill-seeking personal lives(most have problems with alcohol and drugs) than their stunts.

And for that we should give them money and put it on film.

What a shame. What a pointless tragedy. What did those poor trees do to deserve this?

Waste of a fine automobile.

It sounds like they have done some preliminary toxicology reports that show Jackass was indeed drunk (shocking, I know) and it also turns out he caught a previous DUI just a few years back, which he was let off on with a relative slap on the wrist.

Jackass is as Jackass does…

BAC of .196, 140mph, at night. That’s well past high risk and into “average life expectancy under 2 minutes”.

Sorry to see him go, but I guess we should be glad he only took one with him.

wouldn’t have recognized his name last week. I don’t care at all.

Since he managed to kill someone while driving blind drunk all I can say is…Don’t get any splinters on your way out.

Cops are reporting Jackass star, Ryan Dunn had a blood-alcohol level of 0.196 (twice the legal limit). They estimate he was driving at least 130mph.

That comes close to a Darwin Award nomination. Could anyone do anything much more stupid?

Years ago, friends talked me into watching the first Jackass movie with them. I walked out and went home half-way into the movie. Stupidity has never been something I admire or want to waste time seeing.

A friend of mine works in the E.R. He’s mentioned the weird backlash of modern medicine. Trauma centers have amazing abilities to save badly injured people. The flip side of that is people are taking bigger and bigger risks. They know the chances of dying are far less than they were thirty years ago. Skateboarders, inline skaters, even people on bicycles are doing these crazy ass stunts. Idiots base jumping off buildings and bridges. They think they are invincible. :rolleyes:

Ryan Dunn’s luck finally run out in a big way. The pics I saw of the car are stunning. There’s not much left of it.


I’ve merged two threads about this news story.

I feel a pang of genuine sadness whenever an idiot shreds a fine automobile. Not that I could ever own something in that class.
I’m sorry about the two dead guys, too, but a bit less viscerally. People, we’ve got plenty of.

I had a passing thought of putting everyone involved with Jackass in a theme group for this year’s Death Pool. I’d be 66 points ahead of the game right now if I’d have done so. Ah well…

I never heard of this guy till last week when I accidentally saw him on Minute to Win It with more famous Jackass Steve-O. I like that Steve-O guy. I hope he doesn’t relapse over this. Otherwise, who cares.

I’ve seen enough bits of the shows and movies that I guess were we to rank them I’d put Dunn just behind Knoxsville and Steve-O and right ahead of Chris. He seemed like a good enough guy and while stupid, at least not malicious.

Without question, at the bottom of the pile is Bam Margera. That’s the most self-absorbed, reckless asshole of the entire bunch. I find it less amazing that a Jackass died than that it wasn’t that asshole BM.

“Moral Hazard” (in a medical context)

I love the concept of moral hazard and see examples of it everywhere. You could even define man not as “Homo economicus,” but “Homo moral hazardus” [to bastardize some Latin].

Confucius say: man who drive like hell bound to get there.