I'm safe in Cameroon

We’ve been experiencing some civil unrest here in Cameroon. People are rioting about increasing gas and food prices, and the political situation. It hasn’t hit my region yet (the North Province), perhaps because we smuggle our gas from Nigeria and grow our own food. This weekend has been calm, but I hear rumors that it may start back up again tommorow. In any case, it’s calm but tense here right now and if things heat up we have some very competent people and carefully laid plans for us. I’m not worried about my safety, though I am worried we may need to leave the country. Just wanted to let you guys know whats up.

take care, and keep us posted. You are the dope’s person on the ground in Cameroon. (Now for a live report we go to the dope’s person on the ground even sven)

Glad to hear that the really bad riots have so far stayed away from your area. I’m sure that the Peace Corps evacuation planners have everything ready if the need arises, given that they’ve had the recent practice in Guinea and Kenya.

[And remember, if you do have to make a break for the border on your own, go West to Nigeria, not East to Chad. :wink: ]

I hope that things settle down soon all over the country, and that would-be-President-for-life Paul Biya manages not to make the situation any worse.

I hope that you and all of your fellow Peace Corps Volunteers stay safe!

Good luck, sven.

Keep your head low.

Hope things calm down soon and that you and your friends over there stay safe!
How much longer are you supposed to be in Cameroon?

Sending good thoughts your way sven (and to all the others in general) and hoping everything begins to calm down / quell the riots no matter what.

Thanks for the update, sven. Stay safe!

Some days I think we should have a forum or sticky or something for our correspondents on the ground in various parts of the world.


Good idea.

Hang tough, sven.

Oh, **sven.**A prayer from an atheist. Be safe, and all those with you.

Ack, how scary. Keep your head down and here’s hoping it never reaches your area.

Stay safe!
And, if any hostilities break out, head for a Starbucks.

It is the sign of UberCivilization, in my book.

Now is the time to use the skills, honed in our hometown, to avoid dangerous parts of town and keep your head low! hehehe

Stay safe. Keep us posted!

Keep posting to the Thread, so we know you’re OK.

Yikes, this is the first I’ve even heard of the problems. Out of curiosity, do you or the Cameroonians follow UCLA basketball? Alfred Aboya and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute are from Cameroon. They are both from Yaounde, apparently. UCLA is currently ranked #4, and March Madness is just weeks away! Go Bruins!