I'm singing on the Queen Elizabeth this evening (and the Queen Victoria next week)

The choir I sing in is performing on both ships while they’re berthed in Sydney harbour.

It should be fun. I’ve never been on a cruise ship before.

We’re doing each show twice. I hope we get a good feed in between performances.

I thought you weren’t supposed to eat before singing?

Generally I don’t, but last night’s second performance didn’t start until 10.30pm. By then I was more interested in satisfying my hunger than worrying about the purity of tone of my singing.

Isn’t the Prince Phillip objecting?

So you really ARE a chorister? I thought it was just a fanciful persona that you’d adopted for The SDMB! :smiley:

Well done mate! May you sing proud and loud! Oh, and get a good feed too!


Late to the party but congrats! Any chance of seeing it on video?
Anyway, sounds like an adventure and hope you had a good time.

Actually the gig ended up being very little fun. The security process to board the ship was slow and tedious. The theatre was way too hot and one of our altos had to stop singing because she felt faint. The accompanying pianist provided by the ship fumbled his way through the whole program and clearly wasn’t up to the standard needed to play our repertoire. We’ll be taking our own pianist along to the Queen Victoria next week.