I'm so freakin excited about seeing "Alien" in the movies!

I love this movie! I can’t wait to see this. Anyone else going to be seeing it in the rerelease?

Absolutely! Mrs. MeanJoe and I went to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre over the weekend and I nearly squealed in glee over the Alien preview. I am very excited about this!!!

On another note: They also showed a preview for the remake of Dawn of the Dead.

Aw, Dawn of the Dead is such a masterpiece that I’m really scared about the remake.

I saw Alien in the theatre in 1979, and I think I might go see it on the screen again . . . not that I haven’t seen it 187 times in the intervening era.

Will Alien be shown with restored footage?

I would go. A few years ago a theater by where I was going to grad school showed an original real of Aliens, and it was amazing to see on the big screen. I cannot wait to see this one.

I don’t like everything Riddley Scott’s done, but he made two movies that changed the way science fiction looked on the screen – Aliens and Blade Runner. I’ll be there.

Yes, it is being marketed as “The Director’s Cut” and in the trailer this weekend they clearly showed at least one of the scenes - Ripley finding Captain “Wall Sconce” Dallas.

Outside of that, there really wasn’t too much interesting deleted footage from what I understand. Most of it’s just people talking, although there is a little goofy bit where the alien does a crab walk towards one of the victims. I kinda hope they keep that part out, because it makes the creature seem kinda goofy instead of terrifying.

Still, I’m excited as hell about this one coming out. The Alien movies were what helped me get over my queezy stomach and allowed me to fully enjoy good horror and suspence movies, and there isn’t any sci-fi horror movie better than Alien. This is going to kick ass!

When is this being released?

I have an inquiring mind. I need to know!

According to the IMDB it comes out October 29th.

I remember seeing Aliens when it came out in the theatre, but I don’t think I have ever seen Alien all the way through. It will be fun (and from what I undersand, quite scary) to see it for the first time in the theatre.


Can I shout “Ripley! For god’s sake, look at the wall! I can see the alien from here!” in the theater?