I'm so hungry

So I’m on day 3 of Tonsillitis '07 and I am starving. For the last few days I’ve had nothing but broth, tea,toast, and oranges. Last night and today I’ve moved up to shepherds pie, minestrone, and a little veggie stir fry.

I’m almost recovered but damn I want real(junk) food. Oh cheeseburgers and pizza, oh how I miss you. I’m already planning my feast for when I’m fully recovered.

Italian beef from the good greek place
BBQ from the rib shack in the hood(kinda)
Pizza from the new place that I haven’t tried but looks really good
and a stop and the local chinese buffet,

you know to get my strength back up

On the upside I haven’t had a cigarette in 3 days.

-itis or -ectomy?

Mine come out in (counts on fingers…) 10 hours. Along with my adenoid.

And my deviated septum is being fixed.

Oh how I envy you, I got itis. It’s the third time I’ve had it and I would go for removal if my insurance hadn’t run out.

But good luck, hope everything comes out ok.

I hope so, too :slight_smile:

Although, I wish I hadn’t googled “adult tonsillectomy recovery.” And the Dope threads on the topic are positively horrifying, lol.

I only had tonsillitis once…since last April. My doctor, and then later my ENT, tried quite a few things. Nothing worked, and now my left one hurts (it was only the right one that was sore).

Hope you recover in time for that 101ers gig, Woody.