I'm so not sleeping tonight. Who's with me?

We’ve got a fire in the stove for the first time this year (it is a crisp low 40s in the Santa Cruz Mountains), and I just can’t bring myself to close my eyes on this new beginning.

I’m with ya!! But I’m at work, so I wouldn’t be sleeping anyway.

Cool. I’m curious if the political ground-shifting in Colorado was ‘palpable’ to you, for lack of a better word? A few members of my family re-aligned in direct response to Bush, but other than that I’ve lived in pretty much progressive liberal bubbles for most of my life.

Up all night. A great and exciting evening, night, morning…I don’t know when I’ll get to sleep.

I’ll join you. It’s just starting to sink in to me that we have a black president. It is no longer speculation. Yes, I know he’s mixed. But he could walk into Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and not get a second look. It’s no longer “if.” And it’ll be interesting to look at threads from 2004-7 discussing his chances.

Oh I couldn’t if I tried. I have class in 6 hours anyway, so count me in:)

By the by, Does anyone know of anywhere online where I can see the initial reaction in Grant Park again? That’s the moment I’ll never forget.

Huzzah! Prop 8 just lost a percentage point. I went to go visit my Grandma this past weekend, who is 90, and voted Obama with the help of my uncle. There were “Yes on 8” people all along the street in Castroville. I was cranky after seeing them, but when I came back through it was raining and they were gone. Later, back in Silicon Valley, in the pouring rain, I saw dozens of “No on 8” folks enduring the elements for equal rights, and I was happy again. I know those kids are not going to change their minds, no matter what happens tonight.

Here in El Cerrito (east San Francisco Bay area, for you outlanders) there were guys and gals with “No on 8” posters on just about every street corner. I was honking support all day.

Imagine; Mormons trying to dictate a definition of marriage to the ‘Left Coast’. Mindboggling!

I’m still up. I know that if I tried to sleep, I would just lay in bed and think about the returns…and then reach for my iPhone and check the returns just once which will become twice and then every ten minutes. So I might as well be on my laptop.

Especially since I’m still waiting on the Franken race, too.

I talk big, but I may very well pass out on y’all eventually, and then I’ll passionately deny it.