I'm so stoked...and just for $3. (Good for me. Mundania Insomnia For You)

Yesterday, tooling around, I hit a garage sale and bought a portable record player…the kind that every school teacher has used in the past. The kind, if you want to buy through a teacher’s catalog are about $200! (I hadn’t thought to check ebay …feh.)

I’d been wanting one, but refusing to pay gobs of money. Just for the occasional listening of old record albums wihtout any messy wires to attach to the stereo system.

I bought one for a whopping $2. And it works perfectly. So, naturally, I have been listening too, nonstop, my favorite psuedo Classical album " Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark".
But, wait, there is more!

Just an hour ago, I was at another garage sale with only $3 to my name and spied an odd looking photo album on a lonesome corner of a sale table. It was some girls stamp collection. I’ve had a box of stamps for years that I add to its pile several times a year.

All for $1.

This made me so happy.

Just thought I would share my mojo.

Shirley, I’d always imagined you with vinyl.

Very cool.

I used to waste sundays in highschool going to garage sales with friends.

We used to bargain with old ladies for stuff we didn’t need but we thought was cool. We weren’t doing it to be mean, if was kind of done in jest like “5 cents for a golf ball? I’ll tell you what, I’ll take the whole box of 20 balls if you’ll take give you 95 cents.”

Most of the time these little old ladies would have the time of thier lives haggling back and forth with us over pennies, I think they just liked to talk to someone. Most of the time we just caved and bought a bunch of stuff we’d never use for the full price asked. I even got invited to have milk and cookies in the kitchen a few times!