I'm sorry about your loss but DON"T BLAME THE ROAD!!!!

Ok I don’t normally post in the Pit, but this pisses me off. Comming back from New York on Saturday night (well Sunday morning at this point) we pass an accident scene. There is what used to be the body of a car wrapped around a telephone pole with the front half appearing to be intact facing the road after seperating from the car body. This happened at a gas station that was closed because they are rebuilding it on a road with a speed limit of 50mph. The conditions at the time we passed it was a little rainy so I assume the ground was a little slick.

I reaad in today’s Asbury Park Press The following story about the two people who died in the accident who were 22 and 23.

The article says they were traveling at High Speed and the Father is blaming a “dip” in the road for casuing the accident

[Name redacted]'s father, pointed to a dip in the road that might have caused both fatal crashes.

“That damned 37,” he said. “Why doesn’t somebody fix it?”

[Name redacted] didn’t know what the friends were doing yesterday morning, except that they had stopped at a Wawa before the crash – probably to load up on junk food.

Ok I’m sorry for your loss but What the fuck was he doing on that road at 3am? You say he stopped at a convience store, ok but why go to one that is a good 15 minutes from where he lives and would have had to pass 7 other convience stores. Do you not think it was possible that HE WAS SPEEDING AND NOT DRIVING RESPONSIBLY? There have been thousands if not millions of cars/trucks/busses going down that streach of roadway without incident so it must be the road’s fault.

[Name redacted]'s car was sliced in half two poles away from where another Ford Mustang was ripped open, injuring its driver and killing passenger [Name redacted] on May 14, 2000. Police said that crash was caused by drag racing, and the driver, [Name redacted], was charged with drag racing and speeding.

[Name redacted], a Berry Avenue resident, saw the remnants of both accidents. He still has nightmares about the first one and was awake watching television when yesterday’s crash occurred a couple hundred feet from his house.

“It sounded like a motorcycle with loud pipes coming real fast,” he said. “Almost like a jet and then complete silence. Then the house and windows shook.”

Alright I don’t own a Mustang or other sports car but I don’t think a car going 50 MPH is going to sound like a jet. Route 37 is a divided highway with three lanes in each direction and is a major road here. I give 3-1 odds that further investigation shows alcohol to play a part in this

A big part of grief is anger, and sometimes it gets expressed in strange ways. I’m sure a large part of him is angry at his son, and probably himself, as well as others. Don’t expect a rational response from a grieving parent only a day or two after an accident.

D&D did it!

No, no, it’s those damn video games!

I knew Pole Position was a tool of the Devil! :smiley:

A few years ago, two separate accidents in the same county happened, they blamed it on the road being graded.

All I could think was, so what? Not grading the road is an option?

The car rolled a critical fumble.
So its ______ (insert motor co. name here) and the damned D20 system!

Four teens died in a wreck in suburban Phila about 2 years ago. Parents and media initially blamed the road. Coroner discovered the teens were huffing keyboard cleaner. Parents immediately attacked the coroner. Turns out coroner was absolutely correct.

I guess the point is that when you grieve, the last person you want to be angry at is the deceased. You want to idealize their memory, so the deceased can’t possibly be at fault for their own death.


Almost 10 years later and I’m just coming across this now-- all I have to say is you should be ashamed of yourself. I loved one of those boys with all of my heart, he was my brother. And that man who “blamed the road” for his death lost his son that day. While you try to find irrelevant logic in such a tragic, horrible situation, people like me have to live with that loss every day. Even 10 years later. And posts like this make me sick to realize how unfeeling and heartless people can be and how you can so easily turn up your nose at a family’s sorrow.
Nobody knows what happened that night except for those boys who are no longer here. So I hate to break this news to you a decade late but YOU don’t know what happened either to have made such a baseless and ignorant statement about it.
My advice: don’t take everything you read at face value and think before you speak. Some people lost a big chunk of their lives and you just found a news story to bitch about because you were “pissed off.” God forbid my brother chose a convenience store 15 minutes away from his home-- the place he never made it back to. I hope for your sake you don’t have to go through anything like what my family and I have gone through. Maybe then you wouldn’t slander the name of a wonderful, youthful, funny, intelligent, and fun-loving young man with all the promise in the world and a family who will never see him again, and then grill the words of his heartbroken father.

Find something better to do, jerkoff.

The first casualty of allowing gays in the military.

What I want to know is what he was googling to stumble across the thread.

That’s some world-class stumbling, to be sure.

My crystal ball WAGs that our doctor shares his father’s name and was doing a vanity search.

So you are still blaming the road?

Things have gotten really surreal since these threads became available via Google searches.

A young girl was killed not far from here a few years ago, when a bus struck her as she was walking her bicycle across a crosswalk. Witnesses said she was talking with friends and stepped out into the crosswalk without looking, and the police determined from the marks the bus left as it braked that the bus had been travelling below the speed limit. Just a distracted child and a tragic accident. But due to pressure from the parents of the girl and her friends, and pressure from other neighbors, the road authorities set up one of those big YOUR SPEED IS signs just before the crosswalk :rolleyes:

First off, let me say, I really hate it when people (The OP) say things like “Well [victim] shouldn’t have been there to begin with. He should have gone to the closer store/he should have taken the freeway instead/he should be in bed at 3 am like a normal person/he had no business on the other side of town/etc etc etc” It really doesn’t matter why anyone was where they were when they got injured. However, based solely on the OP since the article isn’t available, it seems unfair to blame the road.

Missed the edit window:

Two accidents in as many years, doesn’t point to a problem with the road. If someone was smacking their car into the pole every time it rained of snowed, I could understand, but two people in two years points to user error.
I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m not sure why your posting this? Are you disagreeing with the OP, angry with him for who he phrased it or just mad that someone in the online world was discussing the accident?


Hmmm, also…I don’t know what I was going to say.
Anyone care to link to an article about this, I can’t find anything online.


I’m very sorry for your loss, and sorry that you came across our thread here. I have no doubt that our community members didn’t mean to hurt you or your family, and never expected you to see this post at all. At the time this was posted, our board wasn’t indexed by Google, for example.

As this thread is very old – I can say with honesty that I was surprised to see my own name and post when I clicked on it, as I definitely didn’t recognize the thread – I’m going to close this. This is a general board policy on threads that can be heated, as it’s not really fair to expect posters to come back and defend a post from eight years ago, with views they may no longer hold, or things that may have been said in the heat of the moment.

My condolences to you and to the rest of your family. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to use the Private Message feature and I’ll correspond with you privately.