I'm sorry

I just wanted to apologize for calling people on here grammar nazis.

Don’t worry about it, the people who correct your grammar publicly aren’t qualified to do it professionally, and those of us that are won’t do it for free.

Whew! I, myself, am a grammar commie.

Man, you’re really on a role.

I’m a grammar libertarian. You’re free to make stupid mistakes, but I’m free to make you look like an idiot for doing so.

Copyeditor’s Code of Honor?

PS, no one has corrected her grammar. Merely mocked it.

I guess that makes me a grammar whore then.

I dunno about you but my dictionary’s pages are always open if you know what I mean.

That’s what spell-check is for. Every time I misspell a word, a magical little squiggly line appears under it.

And I thought that was telling me I had picked a really cool word. No cool words in this post.

You must have taken English at a commie college…

Moving thread from IMHO to MPSIMS.

Q: Who led the pedant’s revolt?
A: Which Tyler.


I have been guilty of correcting my friends grammer. The amusing element? My own grammer stinks! I can never remember if I’m supposed to use “its” or “it’s”.

I’ll be a grammar capitalist. I can proofread and edit your posts for $5.00 each.

Me a grammar Democrat. Me can’t grammatize good, but if you throw government money at me, I’ll feel good about it.

“those of us who are”

In Soviet Union, grammer correct you.

Frasier is Russian?

He’s in no hurry.

Both “that” and “who” are equally grammatical. Some people don’t like using “that” to refer to people, but I’m one of those that don’t mind.