I'm talking to the dope and it feels weird.

So I just got this new smartphone. It’s an lg optimus. I talk into the phone and it types for me. I feel like a total loon but damn this function is cool!

This just feels wrong somehow. :smiley:

Did you go back and manually correct any of that, or did it type it all perfectly like that? I haven’t used much voice recognition software myself, but from what I’ve read I thought it was a pain in the ass. This looks amazing.

I guess you put in the smiley manually, right?

Yes, I had to put in the smiley and the punctuation. Funny thing tho’ I told myself that if it makes any mistakes, I was just going to post it as is. (Just for shits and grins) It didn’t make any. (This post was made from my laptop.)

I’ve only used Google Voice and I feel goofy; I over-pronounce everything. Recently I wanted to look up … Writer’s Room, I think? And it gave me Ryders. So I’m trying to succinctly pronounce “writer’s” as distinguished from “Ryder” visualizing the lack of pronunciation for the silent “w.” :rolleyes:

You should only start to worry if the Dope starts talking back! :smiley:

Technically, that’s the easy part!

I have Dragon dictation. It’s a free app for the iPhone. I use it for sorting out my thoughts before making a lengthy post. It’s pretty accurate, too. I’m using it to dictate this post. I’m copying it as is, no editing.

Is that a built-in feature of the Optimus or an app you installed?

I have an Optimus. I think I like it. But instead of exploring its features, all I can do is try and uninstall Diner Dash Demo and remove the Fox Sports bookmarks. Over and over and over and over … maybe this time it’ll let me!
(Yes, I’m new to smartphones, and I don’t care if it’s unreasonable to be pissed off at it. I paid full price for the fucking thing and I don’t want sports on my phone.)

Mine had a window pop up asking me if I want to install it. I have no idea what the actual name of the app is.

Time for the new section Mundane Ramblings While I Talk In My Sleep.

Mife own has problems trying to wreck a nice beach.