I'm terribly disappointed with the recent lack of crackpots

I guess you just never know what’s going to bring them out, dropzone. Check here.

Hokey smoke, Bullwinkle, I just came here to post that exact link!

Coincidence? Or Synchronicity?

Neither, man. If you can’t see a massive government conspiracy WHEN IT’S STARING YOU IN THE F*****G FACE, then you never will. And for that, I pity you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go get my tinfoil hat taken in a little.

:confused: I have no idea where you might’ve gotten THAT impression. I’m as serious as a heart attack–I luvs me some loonies.

And I’ve found with age that serious discussions have their place and that I can feel sorry for some of the sad creatures who stumble in here, but they mostly end up im MPSIMS and I never see them. The ones I like are the ones who function well enough IRL but who have constructed personal realities that have veered off from mine (the only valid one, of course) in interesting directions. The ones for whom 2+2=5.347 only when they talk about their pet topics. I’ll admit, though, that I suspect Chainsawvictum does not meet those requirements, and my interest there is a fascination with his constructed reality, not a desire to see him slapped down. That is, if his post is not really spam for an upcoming Texas (Arkansas?) Chainsaw Massacre sequel.

BORING! :wink: Anyway, I already know most of the answers to the questions here and a surprising number are “Yes,” “No,” and “Look it up your own damn self, the same way I did.”

For me the internal battle is fighting being a jerk, and I apologize if I seem that way in this response.

Psst. Everybody to look at Chainsaw thread…

Pssst. Look at at the link in post #21

Its somewhat bemusing to find out that the world’s mysteries need “official” websites :slight_smile:

This sounds like a golden opportunity to reveal Cecil’s true identity, doesn’t it? Can anyone dig up that article, and call Steve?

Crackpots are naturally drawn to presidential campaigns. Between the early start this time around and the large numbers of candidates, nearly all the loonies in the US are busy, busy, busy. Very few of them have any time to alert us to the rising danger of haunted eggplants. :eek:

Solipsists! Fuck me. I mean, say what you will about anti-Stratfordianism, Dude, at least it’s an ethos.

I used to think that Cecil’s letters were made up too until this one time I was travelling across country by train. I went to my compartment and the blinds were drawn, I opened the door and saw the most erotic sight I have ever seen - two blonde twins munching on each other like there was no tomorrow. "Goot day.’ said Inge, the younger of the naked Swedish models…

Sorry, I thought this was Penthouse.

What is this, a psssting contest? :dubious:


That’s the reason for our loonie-dearth. They’re all out drumming up votes for Ron Paul.

And thanks to the Google ads, I now realize that Freemasonry is responsible for psoriasis.

I tried my best awhile ago with this reference to Tesla, but no takers. I’ll fully admit, I was hoping to draw folks out, and was looking for a bit of a dustup, but I’m the one who got slapped. Serves me right…

They were probably intimidated, because they couldn’t remember Plynck’s number (or Plynck’s constant, or whatever it is.) Me, I can’t even remember Avocado’s number. :smack:

I suppose you could at least read CrankDotNet for your crackpot fix. I know it’s not the same, though… :frowning:

…or the new creationist wiki. We could deface all the entries with the 9th (RC 8th) and 3rd (RC 2nd) commandments.

If you can’t remember Plynck’s number, don’t go on the game show The Price is Right. :smiley:

They’re Dopers, Donnie. There’s nothing to worry about.