I'm too young to be 40... 00!

Well, I’m quickly approaching the Big 4-0-0-0. What should my 4000th post contain? Pearls of wisdom? Something queer-related? A flirt with matt_mcl? I’m taking suggestions, but no guarantees - knowing me, I’ll completely miss it anyways… :wink:

Perhaps it’s time to change my .sig line, too… Hmmm…


All of the above, silly! A pearly, queer-related flirt with matt_mcl. You could give him and all us non-hets advice on . . . well, hell, you’re The Gay Guy, you can figure it out:) And, in your special Esprix way, you’d have side-shots with matt, or have us all look the other way for a bit or something;)

I dunno, pun - after some of the threads you’ve been posting lately (like the one about your roommate), I think I might end up flirting with you:wink: (Just to make matt insanely jealous, of course - after all, catfighting would make a substantial 4000th post! :smiley: )


Hey, you dish it out, I can take it, 'sprix;)

It would be kinda fun to make matt insanely jealous to the point of a slapfight, though . . . just so long as I wasn’t involved!

And my roommate, for all I know, is still sexually frustrated. If only he were the slightest bit attractive.

How about something about cats?
No, not the musical! Cats.

Yuck. Me no like cats.

Oh, BTW, the roommate tried again last night. Here’s the entire conversation:

“Are you horny?”
“No.” Said firmly and almost with a hint of disgust.

Disgust, for those who are wondering, because it’s kind of annoying that after me rejecting him so many times he STILL asked!

Tease. Heartbreaker. Harlot. Vixen. :wink:

What if I were to ask? HMMM?


If you asked . . .

Well, you’re out in, like, what, San Diego? So it’s really kinda academic.

However. As (I think) I have stated before, I don’t have sex with people when we’re not in love.

And last I checked, Esprix, dear, we are not in love.

Sorry to have to let you down like this where so many dopers can see.

But at least you’re cute, so it’s be saying no to eye candy instead of . . . well, my roommate.

:frowning: What? You tell me this 6 posts away from my big 4-0-0-0? How can you do this to me? All this time - what has the past year and three months meant to you? To us? What do I mean to you? You… you… you heartbreaker! You brute! You cad! <boo hoo hoo!>

{goes running into matt’s arms}

Make the bad man go away!

I’ll never love again…


Now don’t do that… collects tearful blond ephebe in arms strokes hair

I’ve been registered here since June 6 of last year. Today is April 10 of . . . well, this year. Ten months and four days. Where are you getting that extra five or so months?

You’re getting close to 4000 posts . . . I thought a big, strong man like you could handle it. I mean, you ARE The Gay Guy. Sorta comes with the territory, doesn’t it?

Oh dear. Now I’ve gone and broken poor Esprix’s heart. matt, I do hope you’ll be able to repair some of the emotional damage I’ve done.

::goes off, wondering if his SDMB reputation is ruined::

you Big meanie!!
Why, Esprix should just spank you for being sooo mean…

wanders in

sees Esprix and matt cuddling

drops off her 4000th post gift basket, complete with condoms, 5 different kinds of lube, and several toys :wink:

Happy 4000th, Esprix-babe. smooch

Well, here it is - post #4000. I feel rather like the certain sect of Buddhist monks who, on their deathbed, would ostensibly write a short, spontaneous passage that would effectively summarize their journey in this life on earth; however, some monks fretted so much that their last words would be less than eloquent (or, worse, they wouldn’t be able to come up with anything at all) that they secretly practiced what they would write for months or years so they would know exactly what to say when the moment came. (And if any of you little mongers ask for a cite, I’ll bop you squarely on the nose. :wink: ) So I’ll take the easy way out and give you some of my favorite words from other people… :wink:

My favorite poem:

My favorite song:

Just to be sure this doesn’t get too serious:

And, of course, my favorite SDMB thread is in my .sig. :wink:

I’d break out into a chorus of “My Way,” but I’d probably get pummelled. Suffice it to say that I’ve enjoyed my year plus here, enjoyed my 4000 posts (even when people have disagreed with me - sometimes quite vehemently), and enjoyed meeting, both online and in real life, the folks I’ve interacted with here. Good debate and discussion is its own reward, and I hope I’ve given back a little of what y’all have given me (take that as you will :wink: ). I’m looking forward to my next 4000!

And now, as the music plays off, allow me to molest matt in a dark corner… YOINK!


I annoint y’all with pearls of wisdom, and I get two days worth of deafening silence?



Congrats Esprix

I like you. :slight_smile:

OK, callie - you’re my new best friend. :wink:


Wow, now I really feel special. :smiley:

Is there a story about you and Matt that I should research?

Thank you for the Monty Python gift. You rock.

Can’t talk. Being molested.