I'm Trapped!

Well sort of anyway. Since I started as CHOPS at work and my wife went back to work when we thought I’d loose my job we’ve been driving just the commuter car. I leave mine with the sitter so she can run The Boys to the library and such. It’s not a bad system, she works a little further down the freeway. Her schedule is an half hour off from mine, conveniently the time it takes to make the trip.

But it sucks on days like today. She has to work an hour of overtime today, which means I’m sitting in this huge building all by myself, with only you Dopers for company. So your assingment should you choose to accept it, is to entertain me for the next 90 minutes. This post will self destruct in 10 seconds…

Oh man…I’m not too good at this stuff, but it seems like you’re in need of some help.

::tries to tap-dance::

tip…tap tappity……tippa-

::falls down::

CHOPS? Is this a restaurant?

CHOPS = Chief Operations Officer, I got bored one day and came up with CHOPS.

Sad, but isn’t there any public transport?

CHOPS don’t take public transport, even if any existed. Maybe the corporate limo. Aren’t you supposed to work ungodly hours in that kind of role, anyway?

There’s evidence that a bus goes through this area (Industrial mostly) I’ve never seen it though. Besides, it not that bad, just boring.

ShibbOleth I wish, my industry is taking a beating right now. Anyway I work my ungodly hours in the morning and at home and weekends, and vacations and…

Oh, the CHOPS at my company makes millions a year and flies on the corporate jet (if it’s available). Maybe you should consider a change.

At least you thought of Chief Operations Officer.

Someone else might have thought of COO. (Scottish cow, anyone?)

Then again, you could have added Liason** at the end and be COOL