I'm trying to search for full movies on dailymotion.com

I found dailymotion randomly, looking for a place to stream Finding Nemo for free. No commercials and I didn’t have to sign up for anything, what more do you want?

but now I want to see more free movies there and I don’t find a good way to find them, including searching for something specific. when I searched on Von Ryan’s Express, for example, I found two different versions of the last half of the movie, but I didn’t find the first half. I find tons of clips and crap I don’t want to see.

I feel like there is something obvious I am missing. :woman_shrugging:

This is a metasearch engine, which indexes videos on legitimate streaming sites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Archive.Org etc.

Although frankly the search seems bad and you may be better off just browsing the lists.

One thing that works for me sometimes is using “full movie” at the end of the search string. Sometimes the title will be available broken up into “parts”. Although dailymotion does have movies you won’t find on youtube, I’ve run into things like films being mirror-imaged, in a weird aspect ratio, bad sound/dubbing and/or very low image quality that may make the movie unwatchable.

I am disappointed.

Those are not-even-pirate-quality pirate uploads, such that, if you are naughty and watch them, the crime is the punishment. The legitimate uploads look pristine.

Those are all done deliberately to try to slip past AIs for detecting copyrighted material. They also sometimes speed it up or slow it down, or frame it inside a fake TV screen/movie theater image or something.

What you are missing is that they aren’t there legally. Uploaders try to make them difficult to find by the authorities but findable by the people that know the tricks. It is like having to give a password to a guy that glances out of a tiny sliding door in a bigger door to try to get into a speakeasy.

BTW, there are legitimate streaming sites, and there are “legitimate” streaming sites. The only ones you can be almost completely sure are free of pirated content are the ones where the company itself is the only provider of material. Any site that allows other people to upload content will have pirated content, the only question is how hard the site attempts to remove the pirated stuff, ranging from aggressively to doing the absolute bare minimum that they can possibly get away with and still seem “legitimate”. Every single one of the sites you mention very much has pirated movies and TV.

And, it’s very unlikely that those sites will offer free viewing of their content (which is what the OP is hoping to find). They’re likely to only give you access if you pay for a subscription, and/or you make a one-time payment to rent (or permanently “own”) access to the digital file.

If one wants to see which legitimate streaming platforms carry a particular film or TV series, check its entry on IMDB, which typically contains that information. In the case of *Von Ryan’s Express" (mentioned by the OP), it’s available on Amazon Prime (though, of course, not for free).

Free with ads is an increasingly common alternative. YouTube’s legit movie library has a ton of them.

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