I'm turning 30 tomorrow.

I suppose for some people this is a reflective moment in their lives. No longer a twenty-something, etc. I’m about the least reflective person in the world. I live in the now more than anyone I’ve ever met. Seriously, I have very few childhood memories, despite growing up in a good family, because I just don’t look back much.

My husband is giving me a Harry Potter birthday party tomorrow. Isn’t that cool? My gifts were wrapped in Harry Potter paper. He bought Harry Potter napkins, cups and plates. And we’re going to play D&D, eat low-carb chocolate cake on Harry Potter plates, drink Long Island Iced Teas out of our Harry Potter cups, open gifts, play some GTA3, and maybe watch a Netflix or two, if they come in.

Happy Birthday To Meeee!
Happy Birthday To Meeee!
Happy Birthday, Dear DeadlyAccuraaaaattttteeeee
Happy Birthday To Me!

Aw, man!

A Harry Potter party would have been cool.

Now that I’m an old hand at this being 30 business (what, it’s been like 10 days now?) I can honestly say that it ain’t bad.

Happy birthday!

I cannot believe how easily you two are giving in and just going along with all of this.

I am dedicating every free hour I can of the next 70 days to see if there’s some way I can stop it from happening.

Grow old gracefully, my ass.

But since you seem to be celebrating, many happy returns of the day!

Fighting aging causes grey hairs.

though with my genetics it could be something else… or my wife…

I blew through that 3 years ago, and it’s not that big a deal…

Unfortunately, when my wife hit 30, her bio-clock went off, and won’t stop. I’m trying to find the snooze, but the 800dB alarm won’t stop sounding off!!!

30 doesn’t mean a thing.

It’s all downhill after 18.

My bio-clock got thrown against the wall, and I stomped on it good about three weeks ago, so it’ll never go off.

No, I’m pretty sure fighting aging doesn’t cause grey hairs. I have the damn things all over my head. But I’m pretty sure it causes wrinkles.

Ah, time for carousel. Hopefully you’ll be renewed.

Ive got 5 months and 5 days to go. I wish I had a GF! Aww.
º¿º Happy Birthday, DeadyAcurate! º¿º

Happy Birthday.

My first 1.5 months of being 30 haven’t sucked too badly yet. In fact, I got a job after several months of unemployment!
(Oh, and just for the record, DeadlyAccurate is a super-hot woman, and her husband is unfairly lucky.)

I am?! Thank you, Max!

Congrats on the job, btw.

Wishing you a good day, a good year and a good life.

Happy Birthday!

I hit 30 back in September, and it just was. Honestly, I’m more worked up about passing my comprehensive exam in April, finding a job and finishing grad school this semester.

Maybe I’ll get worked up about 35, but I doubt it. :slight_smile:
Enjoy the Harry Potter events.

Happy Bday, DeadlyAccurate!

I found out that if you forget to celebrate your birthday, it doesn’t count against your age. I can’t remember the number of times I’ve turned 22.