I'm under attack! HELP! (Computer problem)

For the last 2 months I’ve been using the new Google toolbar with the free pop-up blocker. It has worked flawlessly, blocking thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of pop-up ads.

Up until this morning. Suddenly I’m under siege. I’m getting huge, screen sized pop-ups at the rate of 3 per minute. They’re freezing up my computer. It’s pure hell. I’ve gotten over 30 just typing this. Before using the pop-up blocker they were never this bad. Are they getting revenge, or what?

What’s more, I’m getting these pop-ups EVEN WHILE I’M NOT SURFING THE INTERNET!:mad: I’ll be playing one of my games on the computer and a bunch will pop-up, screwing up my game.
Do I need to unplug my cable modem when not on line?

WTF?:confused: Why is this happening suddenly?
And yes, the pop up blocker is turned on. It’s been blocking about 1 ad for ever 25+ that are getting through! Why is happening? The pop-up blocker used to work perfect.
These pop-ups are going crazy I tell you! HELP!

If you’re getting pop-ups while you’re not connected to the internet, it sounds as though you’ve picked up some invasive spyware.

Under Start ==> Control Panel ==> Internet Properties ==> Advanced, scroll to Browing and make sure that “Enable Install on demand” is turned OFF (for IE and other).

Then use Spybot Search and Destroy and/or Lavasoft AdAware to find and delete the spyware.

They could be sneaking in through MS messaging. click here to shut it down (you don’t need it anyway).

I don’t have an Administrative Tools icon. What do I do?

I need help here, folks! My computer is going f**king nuts. It’s almost like it’s being controled by an outside source! I can barely navigate. New windows keep popping up every other second. I have 500 ads just on my lower task bar. For every one I close 10 new ones take it’s place. I can’t go anywhere. It keeps jumping back a page as though I’ve hit the back button. The CPU is gurgling something fierce. I’ve had to shut down/re-start my computer a dozen times because all the pop-ups lock it up. I tried “Spybot Search and distroy”. It did nothing. Now I’m getting memory notices. Things are popping up all over the place!
I’m using Road Runner and running Windows 98, if that helps any. My computer is almost worthless. It’s going crazy! HELP! HELP! HELP!

D/L Ad-Aware as well, and then run that. Then run Spybot again, then run a virus scan. Restart, and do the same. I don’t believe Windows 98 had a messenger service, so I don’t see where else the problems could be coming from.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but because my problem is relevent,I’m going to stick it here instead of starting a new OP.

I too am having pop up problems. I keep getting porn pop ups sometimes when I’m casually surfing unrelated sites, always when there is anything suggestive in a URL (i.e. pussycat)

I have a pop up blocker. I have run ad aware and spybot numerous times. I can not find the mal ware anywhere. Any suggestions?

Qwisp, check your home page in Internet options to make sure it’s not one of those sites.

Some of us have said this before, but it bears repeating: even good products like AdAware and Spybot won’t help if you don’t keep them updated - the same is true of antivirus packages like McAfee and Norton. And, while you generally have to pay for a yearly subscription to the antivirus packages (usually only about $30 - well worth the price), the updates for AdAware and Spybot are absolutely free - they even provide quick and easy links for checking for updates.

Qwisp, your problem certainly rings a bell, but I just can’t jog it loose from my memory. This is a well-known little piece of scumware. Maybe somebody else, someone who isn’t suffering from CRS Syndrome (“Can’t Remember Shit”), will be able to dredge it up!

DO you know how to check your Startup items? In XP you can go to START - RUN - msconfig and the startup tab. You can turn off anything you don’t need.

If you are not sure what to turn off, download Hijakc This and post your logfile here and we can help you find what may be causing the problem.

There is nothing in MSCONFIG I need to turn off.I’ve checked all my internet settings, all my virus software etc is up to date.I’ve even poked around a bit in the registry(I didn’t check everything so it still could be hiding there). I’m at a loss.