I'm visiting Hal Briston for two weeks in Dec (in NJ and also NY and DC). Wanna meet?

So I’m taking a vacation to visit and stay with Hal Briston for two weeks in Dec. I’ll be there from Dec 5th to the 19th.
Hal Briston lives in New Jersey, around Newark. During the trip, we’re also planning to spend a weekend in New York City and another weekend in Washington DC.

Anyone up for a one day meeting, maybe? Meet two SDMB mods for the price of one!

I wouldn’t mind meeting in DC but it’d have to be on a Friday. Send me a PM if you’re interested.

Are you two going to get matching “I heart NYC” refrigerator magnets? I wouldn’t be mad if you sent me one.

Do I hear “DC Dopefest”?

If there is one, I’m probably in.

Count me in. I’d like to hang out when y’all are in the NYC environs.

Just make sure to leave your sheep back home!

If you either come a little south, to central NJ or a little further east, to Lawn Guyland, you could have three pair of jackboots in one place. :eek:
Philly is in the middle of those two cities & could host a combined Dopefest.

I’d be up for a dopefest in DC. Doubt I could make it up to the NYC area during that time.

Doubt I could make it anywhere beyond WMATA’s reach. Got so much work to do that I’ve been putting in an extra four hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Or matching “I heart NYC” tattoos?

I’d be interested in a weekend DC gathering. Can’t do weekdays. I’m gainfully employed and stuff.

Dammit Idle. You are meeting Hal in New Jersey and traveling to New York and DC but what, you are too good for Philly?

Stop by in Philly :fist:.

Seriously, I’m self employed. I can make time. I’ll buy you a cheesesteak at the venue of your choosing.

So Hal said we might be able to stopover in Philly for an evening one of the days.

Yay. :cool:

I’d be up for a DC meetup, depending on how it fits in with whatever else is going on around then.

I live in Arlington and would love to meet y’all in DC! Please send me a PM if details are nailed down!

Just popping in to give Idle a geography lesson – Newark is 60 miles away from here. :slight_smile:

We’re in Brick – northern Ocean County shore area.

Oh good, I thought you had fallen on hard times. Brick is nice, Newark is… Not.

Now you tell me? I was just in Sea Girt on Sat afternoon; had I gotten there a little bit earlier I would have driven right thru Brick.