I'm waiting in the hopeful anticipation for...

What? What book (standalone or in a series) are you just dieing to read? What book(s) on your queue have you basically wringing your hands with anticipation…and dread about how they might end?

Here are a few of my own FWIW:

Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time book 12…gods, I WANTS this book. The story, IMHO has REALLY picked up in the last few books and seems to be moving forward to what will, I hope, be an interesting climax of the series.

Anything by David Weber: This includes the next Honor Harrington series, which bodes well for some epic space battles. In addition I started Weber’s Armageddon Reef story, which seems interesting, and am currently reading his book (with Linda Evans) Hell’s Gate.

The next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin. One of the best and grittiest fantasy series I’ve read in…well, maybe ever.

Several by John Ringo’s (one of the best military sci-fi writers I’ve read in a long time), including his Hymn Before Battle Series (he’s put out a few expanded story lines already dealing with other events in the Poslen wars, but I want to get back to the main characters and how the war moves forward now), his March to the Sea series (another that was very entertaining),

Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series.

Eric Flints 163X series, especially in the main story line.

Harry Turtledoves conclusion to his alternative history of WWII.

Harry Potter’s swan song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, those are the ones I could think of off the top of my head. Several of them I am tearing my hair out waiting, several I’m just biding my time. I’m currently reading Hell’s Gate and I know Webber has a second book already out so I should be good there. I have no idea where Jordan is in his Wheel of Time saga at all and can only hope someone is putting his feet to the fire to get him to write the next book. Gabaldon and Martin are essentially in the same boat afaict.

So, tell me what books or series YOU are waiting for and why. Also, if anyone in the thread knows release times or any other information concerning either the one’s I put in the OP or the one’s others put in, feel free to do so…it will be a welcome addition.


I am eagerly awaiting the next novel from Scott Smith. After A Simple Plan (which bowled me over), I had to wait thirteen years for The Ruins. Wow. Another stunner.

I sure hope there won’t be another thirteen year wait for novel #3, whatever it may be. This guy is one helluva writer.