I'm Wireless

Look, Ma! No hands!

Okay, nothing major, but I’ve installed a wireless network adapter card in my home computer, and a wireless router.

Big deal, huh?

I kind of want to make the switch back to wired. :slight_smile:

Between home computer and work laptop, wireless is going to be a lot easier on me.

I’d like to be wired to save all the faffing about with opening ports, and to take advantage of faster transfer speeds between computers on the same network.

I love being wireless. I can surf wherever I want!! In the bathroom, if I want to!

The coolest thing was setting up our iMac with the wireless keyboard and mouse…one power cable and nothing else.
Then the desk filled up with crap and it was just like having a lot of cables.

I was wireless for a few years, but got tired of the microwave cutting me off every day. Now the desktop is wired and only the laptop is wireless.