I'm with Busey-- he's faking it, right?

Let’s spend the night in the desert without any food-- Magic Indian will provide.

They’re out to kill your mother Adam.

Best Buy-- warehouse of mass destruction.

Not your turn to speak, time for painful tackle.

I’ve got an idea for a cookbook-- roadkill! Here’s a dead badger to sell the idea.

I think thats most of the fun…not really being sure if he is faking it or not.

I think Gary Busey’s has had too much Head Trauma - cause by not wearing a Helmet, when riding a Motorcycle. This guy is nuts,
have you seen him in Drag?

I think he was crazy before the accident. Some people just are.

I think he started nuts, became nuttier from head trauma, and became nuttier yet when the cameras were put on him for a show that was supposed to show how nutty he was.

I read an article about Busey. He claims that he’s got multiple personalities and that he keeps them somewhat under control now, thanks to therapy. He “turns them loose” for the show.

Or, perhaps he knows that a TV show about a famous person who’s really a pretty normal guy wouldn’t get watched or talked about.

One day while channel surfing, I saw Busey (who was, at the time, claiming to have had a Born Again experience) on the 700 Club, chitchatting with Pat Robertson and his chickybabe co-host. This was maybe three years ago or so. The interview was so painfully incoherent and bizarre that I couldn’t stop watching. Busey said that he thought of the word “faith” as an acronym for “Fantastic Adventures In His Trust” and Robertson’s co-host was visibly restraining herself from trying to suggest “how about Trusting Him, since you know, it’s spelled FAITH, not FAIHT.” She never did, but you could see that she wanted to.

When the show came back from the commercial break that immediately followed the interview, Robertson made some very subtle comment about how Busey should be prayed for. It was beyond belief.

I don’t think it’s an act.

Did anyone see/hear him tackle Robin on Howard Stern?

I’m pretty sure he’s mostly crazy, even if he exaggerates it a bit for the cameras.

I have my doubts about someone who is just the right amount of crazy to be entertaining on cue.

He seems to cutsie crazy to me. Most of the nutty things he does look like rejected stunts from Punked or The Jaime Kennedy Experiment.

has he reached the Burt Reynolds/Andy Kaufmann stage yet ? I haven’t seen him lately.

I think Busey is Andy Kaufman faking it. I wasn’t aware that Burt Reynolds has started acting particularly crazy.

If you want to see Busey acting like a lunatic just turn to I’m With Busey on, um-- Comedy Central maybe?

KidCharlemagne and subsequent posts on the nuts, to nutty to nuttiest when the cameras are rolling ring true for me.

Who is the other guy? How did he pitch the show? That’s what I want to know…

I know Busey was a speaker for Promise Keepers till the police in L.A. were called for domestic incidents.

I get him, Jan Michael Vincent, and Nick Nolte confused all the time.

He’s the really crazy one right?

You mean his whole career?

Sodomy: Not just for Democrats anymore!

He was on Howard Stern?! I would’ve killed to have heard that!!