I'm Worried About Spore

Huh. Didn’t think you had! :slight_smile:

It’s pretty fun!

I feel your pain. I’ve never anticipated the release a video game with such … barely constrained patience. I forget when I first heard about Spore, but it was a long time ago, long enough to experience the agony of several release delays.

Well, I can’t make Creature Creator work*. Which is probably for the best, since I’d be making all the old-school (A)D&D monsters one right after the other. I saw where someone made Pierson’s Puppeteers and someone else made Overlords (from Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End).

*I’m pretty sure it’s a video card issue, since my computer is about 7 years old now and I still have an NVidia 400MX in there.

There are about three hundred versions of the Puppeteers at present, with varying degrees of success.

I made a creature based on the Puppeteer myself, but didn’t call it that.

There are over 1200 beholders! Egad!

Edit: Some of the puppeteers I note are not of the Niven variety.

I had problems with it crashing to the desktop at first, but upgrading this dll file took care of it.

It’s funny- the very first creature I made was a Puppeteer. The very second creature I made was a Beholder. sigh

Ooh…some of those look like they scanned and pasted the Puppeteer page from Barlow’s Guide, they’re so close.

My fear regarding game population, more than useless mutation sins against Og or Sporn, is the depth of database being created by the free download, compared to the $10 full kit.

The free version comes with, what, four head choices? And all of them are carnivores. Since getting the full builder, I may have made one carnivore. Most of my creations are omnivores, with maybe two or three herbivores (mostly because I, like Kevin Smith, believe the platypus to be proof of God’s sense of humor, and at least want to partially populate the Sporepedia with a few duckbilled screwballs.)

Yeah I’ve been concentrating on herbivores and omnivores myself.

When the game comes out, those carnivores need something to eat!

Same here. I must have made six creatures before doing my first carnivore, the Stinkbug.

I found another reason to worry.