Spore release date set!

Huzzah, now I can make flying monkeys!

I will believe it when I actually hold it in my hot, grubby little DNA-combining hands…

My fingers are crossed so tightly for this I can barely type…

Baroo? ears perk up

So… far… away!

I’m willing to bet, Love Rhombus, that flying critters aren’t going to be possible in Spore. It’s good to dream, though.

I’m seriously jonesing for this game, as one of my all-time faves was SimLife. The best creature I ever made was the result of trying to simulate that old movie, The Blob. I made a town of humans, and then created a blob and placed it just outside town.

The blob, by the way, was large, incredibly dangerous, but slow. It didn’t work the way I’d expected it to, though… Since the creature was so powerful, it couldn’t move. However, its offspring could- and they were still really dangerous. They ended up going into town and preying on the humans… and then when they got near the original blob, it would eat them. Basically, the blob was sending out parts of itself to gather food, and then reabsorbing them when they returned.

It was so incredibly cool (in a geeky way, of course). I had designed the critter to function like the blob in the movie, but it found a more efficient way to survive. I love emergent behavior!

I’m really hoping I can have that sort of experience in Spore, too.

Well, IF that happens, I’m looking forward to designing some seriously fucked up shit.

Probably means no mer-people, either… :frowning: . Ah well.

I wonder if you can tamper with the other critters on the planet, like domesticate or mutate them?

Well…if you can’t, you can always nuke them from orbit.

September? Oh damn. Remember when you were a kid and Christmas always seemed a hundred million years away? Well, I just got that feeling again.

I know…
It’s not fair!

stomps foot

Must. Invent. Time Machine. FASTER!

Why…it sounds almost like an Eric Cartman once did for a Wii…

Any news on what the system requirements are? My current system is limping toward retirement and I want to know how good a replacement I’ll need.

Woo HOO.

runs around Yes, I did a chairdance in the office, complete with hooting.

Oh My God that looks awesome! Why have I not heard of this before?!

This is SO a good reason to keep saving up for a new computer…

Only seven more months and I can build my army of talking sea otters.

So, I take it this is some kind of game? What’s so great about it?

Damn, that premise would have been SO much better than the original Blob! Hideous invulnerable monster that sends out fast and terrifying mini Blobs to eat people and bring their nutrients back to the mother creature. I’d watch that in a theater on a really hot day.

Watch a demo given by Will Wright himself; actual demo begins at around 3:00 into the video.

Huh. I didn’t realize they were going to be able to get DS and mobile in with the initial release. I assumed they’d get the PC / Mac release done, and go with the other platforms later.

And in case you didn’t notice the “related stories” links, you maybe be able to sculpt your winged (if not necessarily flying) monkeys earlier than September. And at yet another link (the comments on the right), it’s said that it’ll be a free release, probably along the lines of a demo a few months before release.