iMac question - restoring the "right-click dictionary"

As you may know, with the iMac (and maybe also with other Macs, I’m not sure) when you highlight a word with your cursor and then right-click on it, you get several options. These include ‘Search in Spotlight’, ‘Search in Google’, and ‘Look Up in Dictionary’.

I use the Dictionary option a lot and am therefore extremely frustrated that it no longer seems to be working. For a few days now, for reasons of which I have absolutely no clue, I am not getting any response with the Dictionary option on right-clicking. This lack of response is confined strictly to the Dictionary since the other options are working just fine, thank you.

Does anyone know what’s going on and, more importantly, how to restore my beloved right click Dictionary option?


Does [control apple d] still bring up the dictionary for a selected word?
Try opening the Dictionary application itself (it’s in the applications folder)
Check that the prefernces are set to ‘open a contextual panel’ in response to as selection from the right-click menu.

Thanks for your help.

Control-apple-d doesn’t do thing.

I feel stupid, but I can’t find the Dictionary application itself (it’s not in the applications folder).


To be clear, here, what version is your OS?

EDIT: If you’re not sure, click the apple menu in the top left corner of the screen. “About This Mac” is the first option.

That’s your problem.
The Dictionary MUST be in /Applications (even an alias won’t work).
When you find it (use Spotlight) put it back.
If it got deleted, you can use Pacifist to install it from your install disks.

Odd, that’s where mine is under OS 10.5.8.
Do a search for it ( from the Finder.
Maybe it got moved somehow? That’d prevent it from working.