Image of Jeff Spicoli w/Hawaiian Shirt on Web?

Long story short, lawyer at my firm has a 2-year-old who showed up at a birthday party and was a dead ringer for Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn’s stoned surfer-dude character) in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, complete with a garish, nearly Hawaiian shirt. Of course, said lawyer (who became a daddy late in life) has never seen movie. Can anyone direct me to a still of Spicoli in shirt on the net to print out for him? I have tried imdb without success.

Thanks in advance.

Dude! That’s my skull!!!

Seriously, it’s a great watershed movie. Where else can you see Forrest Whitaker, Sean Penn, Eric Stolz and John Cuzak in their dewey unknownness (is that a word?).

The scene with Judge Reinholt trying to make eyes at the babes in the next car with his Pirate hat on is worth a trip to ebay to own the thing. Let’s not forget Phoebe in the bathroom walk-in scene.

Sorry to hijack, but the question’s been answered. I love this movie.