Image rotates ~10 degrees clockwise when I close my right eye.

The subject describes what’s going on with me. I found out about this about a month ago while taking 2400mg Advil/day for some foot problems. This was under the supervision of my Doctor The Advil seemed to give me bad, bad double vision, ringing in my ears, and general dizziness. I cut back the Advil to 1200mg/day (Dr. advised) this made the double-vision go away. During this time, I notice that when I blinked my right (dominate) eye, the image seemed to drop and rotate clockwise. Playing with a ruler and looking edge-on to a door I can confirm the images are rotated relative to each other.

I went to the Dr. today for a follow-up. I told him about my eyes. He said “I’ve never heard of that before.” He looked in my eyes a bit, checked the tracking, and told me to go see my opthalmologist(it’s been two years anyway). My vision is 20/15 in left eye, 20/25 in right, I wear glasses to correct the right and correct slight astigmatism in both.

My question, qualified by the fact that I’ll be visiting my Opthalmologist as soon as I can, is has anyone every heard of this rotation, and maybe have some links. My searches have so far yielded opthalmologist’s web sites that all contain “for more information, please schedule an appointment.” I understand each case is different, you can’t sell a cow if you give the milk away for free, and all that, but just want some idea of what, if anything, is waiting for me.

I don’t know about rotation but last time I went to the eye dr. (a few weeks ago) he had to add some prism to the prescription for my left eye so it would “work better with my right.” He made this decision after going through a test that forced me to see double and I told him when the double vision stopped (as he made adjustments). Sounds like you might be in for some prisim as well.

Might take you 2 weeks to get used to the glasses. Took me that long. I still sometimes feel like I’m always walking up an incline. But the headaches are gone.