iMAGES FROM ww1 documentaries

I love the Yanks thery’re are best mates but it really bugs me that when Americans are in documentaries about WW1 they contniuosly show a bloke whos obviously in despair carrying a wounded soldier on his back and he looks up at the camera,and theres another shot of soldiers waiting to go over the top,the officer blows his whistle and they follow him but one gets killed before he’s left the trench and slides back down,but they are BRITISH troops not Americans you blokes didn’t experience the incredible generation killing of us really annoys me.

Adjusting for the time difference, I’d say somebody’s been hoisting more than a few pints with his mates, and one of them has had a run-in with a Yank in the last week or so. :smiley:

that makes more sense than the OP. even w/the dialect coach.

To be honest I HAVE had a few pints with my mates but I haven’t had a run in with any Yank and I DO honestly think you blokes are our best mates .

But ref my last it is totally true.

What documentary are you talking about? So far as I know most Americans know little to nothing about the Great War nor do I see many documentaries about it.


Uh, yeah. I think I’ll close this.