imagine celebrities speaking everyday things

The subject isn’t that clear, but I think you’ll get the idea…

I was playing Trivial Pursuit yesterday with friends and we were all just sitting around reading questions, and suddenly I thought of how cool it would be to play the game with Sam Waterston, in his character from Law and Order. Somehow his voice just seemed really appropriate for the game.

Do you have any other celebrities you can completely see (or hear) doing regular stuff?

I wouldn’t want to play Chess with Russell Crowe, what if you beat him, he’ll beat the crap out you. But I could see having a Pint of Guiness with him though.

But then, I could see baking Bread then breaking Bread with Kevin Spacey.

Oh, I could see me, Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, and Susan Sarandon all sitting around on my bed painting our toenails together.