Imagine if it had been full?

Could someone please this final price?

I did a quick Google and found a simiar can, but in the $50-500 range. Is this madness?

Oh. My. God. What is so special about a rusty, empty beer can that makes it worth over $2,800?
You know what? I really, really need money. And my brother has a six-pack of Billy beer. Should I snitch it next time I visit?

Buckhorn’s cheaper and tastes about the same.

Man, if this thing’s going for $2,800, I’ve got some empty cereal boxes that I could retire on.


I heard that someone got at least $450 US for an empty game box on eBay once… and then on the ratings section, there was a complaint that “it was just an empty box!” It was advertised as such, I do believe… :rolleyes: