IMDB "Movie Connections" is frustrating. Coen Brothers & Night of the Hunter

Okay it’s kind of cool when you’re watching a movie and you think, “hey is that a blank reference?” and you can look it up on IMDB but just for curiosity’s sake it always just lists a bunch of movies and doesn’t give any specifics.

Like say you’re watching** The Night of the Hunter**. I was thinking when Rachel Cooper keeps saying that little children “abide,” that’s referenced in The Big Leboski (the dude abides too!) And then when I go to Night of the Hunter in IMDB and look at the list of movies that reference it, there are about 3 Coen Brothers movies listed but not Big Lebowski.

Anyway, it doesn’t say what the references are, only that they exist. What’s the fun in that?

If anyone wants to tell me what the references to Night of the Hunter are in

-Raising Arizona
-Man Who Wasn’t There
-O Brother Where Art Thou
-Any other Coen Brother Movies

I also welcome general Robert Mitchum sex talk. He’s my hero and I love him.

Quote: “Sometimes it’s a hard world for little things.”

The deaths of Shelley Winters/Joe Polito (the most obvious NotH reference in all their films

Can’t think of one offhand–the kids are in a tight spot? :smiley:

They might be working on this. Back when I submitted the connection between “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh In” and Next of Kin, sometime prior to 2003 when they started keeping track of submissions, the nature of the connection wasn’t required. This is no longer the case; any submission for a connection has to state how the two titles are connected. I have no idea when they changed the rules because I’m usually late when it comes to spotting connections.

If you’re wondering about that “Laugh In” connection, it’s the lines “Do you believe in the hereafter?”, “Then you know what I’m here after.”

That is one flaw in the system. Is there actually a connection? “Do you believe in the hereafter” is a line that many a preacher has used and it could be a reference to that.

Consider: in both Buckaroo Bonzai and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, characters say, “No matter where you go, there you are.” Yet the two films were shot at about the same time and the use of the line is merely a coincidence. So should that be a connection? Neither film references the other.

When I was at the bookstore I noticed a Coen brothers book so I looked up Night of the Hunter in the index and it said that in Raising Arizona someone has Love and Hate tattoos on her breasts. I guess I will have to watch these movies again. (Would you like me to tell you the story of left-boob/right-boob?) I have no memory of these tattoos. The only Coen DVDs I have are Barton Fink and Big Lebowski and I only just got obsessed with Night of the Hunter recently.

Not when it’s used in a couplet pouplarized by Arte Johnson’s Tyrone F. Horneigh character.

I blame it on what I blame most errors on the Internet- human input. People can put in whatever they want on the Internet, and people will basically believe it and/or accept it.

For example, I read once that some people put their own names or other people’s names into cast lists on the IMDb just for fun. Barbara Mikkelson, co-curator of, commented that after she put a number of phony cast listings of a friend of hers, that friend returned the favor by listing her as playing a curling instructor in the movie Help!

But, it is Next of Kin referencing Laugh-In, not Laugh-In referencing a Night of the Hunter (that is, I think you are misreading LS’s post.)

ArchiveGuy, I forgot to say thank you. That is so cool.