Imma mo, Ron

I had the phone right next to my head. i said “Yes, please tell them to call before they get there.”

I’m sure he knocked. I bet my dog even went and barked at the door. I’m sorry. When I’m asleep. The world is only in my head. Apparently hurrucanes and tropical storms don’t wake me up (I worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico). Your knocking doesn’t have good chance of waking me up.

So, I pit ME.
I’m reduced to seeing Jerry and Phil on my tv. Now I remember why I hate tv.

I miss the Daily Show. The only “real” new source.

Thank God I have a good job with cable and stereo.

Music is so good for the soul.

Now flame me for being asleep when I should have had sattelite installed.

I suck. Goddamn I hate you guys. Screw you guys! I’m going home.

I forgot to say, I did read 4 books.

Why can’t they make movies that good?

The only movie I can think of that acually followed the bokk to a tee was Firestarter. And the book was still better.

It’s final. Video is still not as good as the mind.

To sleep, perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub; for in that sleep of death what satellite dish installers may come.

i think it was unerwear trolls.


Problem solved.

Purolator knocked on my door twice in one week a while back. I missed them by that much despite each time being after 10am. Had to cycle across town both times. Bah! (Add me too. ;))