Immaculate fecal matter?

Quick question-Why is bird shit white?

Why is bird poop white?

[indent][indent][indent][indent]Immaculate fecal matter = neat shit[/indent][/indent][/indent][/indent]

Is it weird that I actually enjoyed learning about this shit?

Pun intended.

hmm . . . I guess that wasn’t much different than the joke posted right above mine. Shi – uh, I mean, darn.

Birds have one orifus, multifunctional. The white is urin and the other darker is fecal matter.

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Target marking purposes. The other birds in the formation use the leader’s white splat to aim their release for a more accurate bombing run. This is how they manage to hit your windshield more often than the rest of your car.

It isn’t always. Sometimes, if they’ve been eating blueberries, it’s blue. And sometimes, if your cat happens to bring a bird that’s been eating blueberries into your house and then lets go of it, you might find yourself standing in the living room saying “That’s funny – I don’t remember throwing blueberries at the walls this morning.”

Straight Dope Staff Report by SDSTAFF Colibri: Do birds pee?

Because you are driving a dark car. If you drive a white or light colored car, you will find that bird doo comes in a wide range of interesting colors.