Immediate family member names on your phone

My kids laughed at me when they discovered that all their phone number entries on my phone include their last name. Then they checked my wife’s phone, and she has hers set up the same way. None of the kids have last names for their siblings on their phones.

How is your phone set up? Do you include last names for your immediate family members? Also, please state your age - I want to see if this is a generational thing.

First name followed by Last name. For hetero couples, I list man’s name first. Otherwise alphabetical.

61 years old.


11 numbers programmed in my flipphone

first name only – both first names for the one couple

52 years old with maybe 45 names in my phone directory.
All family members first name only. (Brother, Sister, Nieces etc)
Almost no one has first and last name as i usually only give out cell phone numbers to those I want to speak to in the first place.
Others - listed as businesses only - i.e Honda service center etc.

I do for my sister as her name also starts with C. I set it up that way long before I was forced into using a shitty rectangle of glass without a real keyboard and could touch type without looking at my phone. I often have job related reasons to email stuff to myself from my phone and having her last name in there prevented confusion for the phone when I did that without looking. Alas, the decline of technology…

48 years of calendar age

The only person with his full name on my contact list is, oddly, my son. That’s because we named him after my father-in-law, so I had to write his full name to avoid confusion between the two - and since FIL was first, he got dibs on first name only.

Now, my FIL died in a hiking accident three years ago, so it’s a moot point. I still haven;t changed my son’s listing yet; it doesn’t feel right. My wife’s dad and I were very close, and it feels wrong to delete or change his name in my contacts, even though that phone number’s long gone.

I enter everyone’s legal first given and family names, including my own.

I would enter complete legal names, including all secondary given names (“middle names”) but the screen doesn’t comfortably display so many characters.

When I was setting up my phone, there were spaces for first and last names, so I entered them.

Family members are first name only. 48 years old.

Our home number is “Home”.

My kids are “Stan” (not his actual name), “Miss Bitches”, and “That One Kid”. These are nicknames that they themselves put into our home phone and I copied the names into my cell. I am “Grumpy Old Man”, which I also copied into my cell because I can never remember what my cell number is (I never dial myself), and the fastest way to get to it is to have an entry in my phone directory for it.

Most others are just first names. Some are first and last names but that is only because I know multiple people with the same first name.

I’m 52.

First names only. If there are more than one person with the same first name, I add the 2nd initial.

family members, first name only
most friends and co-workers, first name only unless clarification is needed: Big Connie, Laurie LPN,



Mom is simply Mom, my brother was all contact information listed under his first and last name because I got it from his business website.
Sons first name only, sister first and last name, mostly so I will know how to spell her last name if i send her something.

Non family varies as much. A lot of my work contacts have first name / business they do…One guy is simply Joe from I-Tap, i met him at I-Tap where I hold court after work.

Everybody is Lastname, Firstname - including my wife. What’s now my Google Contacts list grew and migrated from my first electronic “Rolodex” when I began using Outlook in graduate school in the mid-90’s.

I’m 48.

I’m 60. Everyone gets a full first name and last name. *Especially *family members, since we tend to recycle the same few given names so often. Hell, sometimes I need to include middle names to distinguish between various cousins and siblings.

58, first names only unless there is more than one first name on the list, then the ‘less-close’ person gets a surname as well.

Unless it’s a tradesperson, then their name will be followed by the trade: ie Pete CarMechanic.

Family members have first name only, except Cousin John (who really could be just “Johnny” but I like Cousin John). Mom’s cell is “Mom” and dad’s cell is “Dad” and their landline is “Home.”

I’m 39.

50 and no lastnames. Mom appears as “Mom”.

Mom (87) lists me as “Daughter”, his sister as “Sister” and anybody whose firstname is unique in the list by firstname only. Some non-relatives who have repeated firstnames get to be lastname-less as well, when there is for example one Rita she talks to every week and another she may need to call twice a year.

57, and both LName and FName, but with a ‘twist’ on LNames. This twist on LNames has the goal of keeping each sibling grouped together with their kids and spouses in my contacts list, as follows…

I’m one of 5 siblings so to keep us in birth order the LNames are actually LName10, LName20, LName30, LName40, and LName50 (all with FNames, of course). And then the oldest sibling has 3 kids so they are LName11, LName12, and LName13. Next sibling has 1 kid who is LName21, next sibling has 2 kids who are LName31 and LName32…, and so on down the line. Spouses? The eldest’s 1st wife is LName19, and 2nd (and current) wife is LName18. The eldest’s 1st wife remarried, so she is LName19 NewLName — both LNames are listed.

When the second generation starts getting married and having kids they will be LName111 and LName112 for kids 1 and 2, and LName119 for first spouse, LName118 for second spouse, and so on.

It may sound more complicated than it really is. It’s not, and it keeps my contacts list nicely sorted for the families. I use this for some other families too.

Just first names, but preceded by AAA (or similar) to keep them at the top of the rotation. I do something similar on the desktop for other information, but I precede the names with __underscores. I like the most-used info to live at the top of any alphanumeric sort.