'Imminet threat'? Whoever gave you that impression?

No, of course he didn’t leave anyone with that impression:




I’m stunned, Words fail me.

I noticed that you quoted headlines stating that Bush called the threat imminent, without actually quoting Bush calling the threat imminent.

Please post a link where George Bush uses the phrase “imminent threat” in reference to Iraq. Or admit you were wrong. Either way is fine with me. But reporters calling the threat imminent and the president calling the threat imminent are two different things, no?

The supporting cites you chose to give do not support your premise.

Josh Marshall, of Talking Points Memo fame, held a contest for the best “imminent threat” quote. here’s the results.

So while the words “Iraq is an immenent threat” may never have come out of Dubya’s mouth, it was demonstrably the party line that the Bush administration was pushing.

Lemur866, let us not play silly semantic games. whether the president used the word “imminent” or not is quite irrelevant. What counts is whether he intended to convey that impression. The meaning is what counts. Are you denying that it was not his intention to convey that meaning regardless of the words he used?

Suppose a writer who dislikes president Bush writes: “It has been reported that president Bush fondled an 8 year old girl’s genitals and exposed himself and fondled a 10 year old boy”. Would you admit the writer is right when he later says “hey, I never said he molested children”.

The fact that you did not use a word does not mean you did not convey the meaning of that word. You can say president Bush killed a baby with his own hands. Did you call him a murderer even you did not use the word?

And the Right used to bitch about what the meaning of is, is. Oh how the wheel has turned.

Oh yeah! Oh yeah! . . . um, what about the tables ?

What I want to know is what is an “immi-net”. I know the Internet, intranet, local area net, wide area net, etc, but never heard of an “immi-net”.

Maybe it was the one being installed at a place I know. It has been plagued with delays and the installers keep saying it is a matter of days and it will soon be working. It is imminet.

I also heard the term emmynet but I am not sure what that is either. IT changes too fast for me to keep up. :wink:


September 28, 2002

Radio Address by the President to the Nation

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(bolding mine)

Does anybody seriously believe that because the specific word “imminent” wasn’t used that’s somehow significant? Pure sophistry.

No, I didn’t say he used that particular phrase, but you can hardly say that he did not say as much using different words.

I should of been clearer I’m not pitting GWB, I’m pitting the author of the first article (to be fair he’s not the only one saying this, I only choose this one as I thought that him accusing others of revisoinism is a bit rich).