Immortality or Mortality. which is worse? (AI spoiler)

Watching the film AI made me ponder that question [in the subject]

Early in the film David asked his ‘mother’ how long will she live. when she said 50 years I felt sorry for David being upset that his mother will not live forever. At this point I thought mortality was a bad thing.

Later in the film when it became apparent that david would stay alive trapped inside a helicopter for 2000 years [!] asking the blue fairy to make him real A profound sense of sadness about immortality came over me.
In hindsight that immortality felt bad because [for david] it would be spent alone. But I still pondered the question. [which, by now, is starting to hurt my brain]

P.s. anyone else agree that AI had just about the bizarest and most out-of-context ending of any film? (it was a great film though)

I thought the ending really fit in with the rest of the film, and was pretty disturbing to boot. Basically his only two options were to shut himself down or to live unfulfilled forever.

But yeah, I’d imagine that imortality that couldn’t be ended would be a curse (good example is a book called Tuck Everlasting).

It’d be fun I’d imagine to live for a few hundred years (provided you could find someone else to live that long too), but eventually I’d want to die, even if there is no afterlife.