Impact of a Trump conviction on 2024 elections

I don’t think there’s already been a thread specifically about this, but if Trump is convicted of a felony what impact will that conviction have on both the GOP primary and the general election?

There are a number of variables to consider, as it’s not unlikely he’ll face indictments at both the state and federal level. Also at play is the specific crime he hypothetically would end up getting convicted of. A few different ones to consider would include:
tax fraud
multiple counts of obstruction of justice
conspiracy to commit election fraud
solicitation to commit election fraud
intentional interference with the performance of election duties
violation of Espionage Act
conspiracy to defraud the United States
obstruct official proceedings of Congress
inciting, assisting or aiding or comforting an insurrection

This list is by no means complete, and is only intended for the purpose of spurring discussion. If there are other notable charges that have been omitted please feel free to point them out.

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