Impeach Roland Burris,CST-NWS-blago15.article

So Blago hits up Burris for cash three times before…appointing him to the Obama Senate seat. Trouble is, he didn’t come clean to the Illinois House impeachment panel until Feb 5, three weeks after he was sworn in. Also there’s a question as to whether or not he disclosed this matter to Sen. Reid, et al, during the controversy over his being seated.

Will Burris do the right thing and resign, post haste?

That would be nice. Then Quinn can appoint Lisa Madigan the new senator and get that thorn out of his side before the next election. Then we’ll still have two Democrat senators, both likely to be reelected, and Quinn can concentrate on beating whichever loser you Republicans nominate (Please be Jim Oberweis! Please be Jim Oberweis!). :smiley:

I’m betting no on this one.

Burris won’t resign. Just the fact that he took the seat (and probably already has Senator inscribed on his tomb) shows that he has an ego just as big as Blagos.

Just on the off-chance that Quinn does something remarkably stupid before the election, causing the Republicans to win, I cannot under any circumstances hope that Oberweis does anything more than remain under the rock he has crawled back to.

The man is enough to make me give up ice cream.

An impeachment of Burris would be interesting, to say the least.

Senator William Blount was impeached in 1797, but expelled from the Senate the next day, so there has never been a test in the courts as to whether a member of Congress is a “civil officer”.

I say - what the fuck - go for it and let’s see what happens. :slight_smile:

I had the same thought about Quinn appointing Lisa Madigan, but I’m not as sure as you are about Quinn’s own re-electablity. He has always come across to me as a back-bencher in Illinois politics.

Wow, I get to agree with **Carol Stream **for a change. Burris is a jackass at best and a self-serving corrupt piece of shit that cares nothing for his state and party much likelier. They should nail is crooked butt to the wall.

Maybe they can import Alan Keyes again. What other options do they have?

I…I…I agree with Carol Stream.

I’m going to die, aren’t I?

It does feel odd doesn’t it. What is the world coming too? :smiley:


(Note to administration: that was not a threat.)

Burris is a toad, but I’m not sure on what the impeachable/resignation-worthy offense here is supposed to be. From reading the article I get that he was asked to make a campaign contribution, but it was not explicitly linked to the senate seat. He did not make a contribution, and he was appointed to the seat.

ETA: Are some people misinterpreting the OP to mean that Burris gave Blago money, because I can see how it doesn’t make it clear that he didn’t.

Yes, and I are too.

Fortunately, when I swore off being evil, I left in place the

::checks inventory::

seven separate doomsday devices intended to destroy the Earth upon my death. So at least I have the comfort of knowing the rest of you will be in Heaven with me.

Maybe you already have? Inside, I mean.

I heard this on NPR today and started cracking up in the car. There was a note of hysteria in my laughter. All I could do was shake my head and say “Roland, Roland, Roland…”

I know it’s like honor among thieves and all, but could we find ONE person to fill a slot in these positions of power that isn’t a complete douche?

Although it has made The Daily Show very funny…

Burris will not do the right thing and resign because he believes he’s done nothing wrong. Also, he’s in the running for the most arrogant Senator, and that’s saying something. (Note, not an actual contest, just my judgement. He actually said that if not for him, Obama would not have been elected.)

He’s definitely not running to keep the seat in 2010, right?

Coupla things.

First, I’d like nothing more than to not have a Blagojevich-tainted Burris in the seat. So the prospect of possibly getting to replace him early is tantalizing.

Second, and not to throw cold water on our hopes, or anything, but does the affidavit from Feb. 5 directly contradict anything Burris had previously asserted under oath? The story linked in the OP doesn’t appear to address that.

Also, is Rod’s brother Robert* also habitually referred to as “Blago”? Maybe we should find out what their middle names are…

*And is his name really “Robert”? I mean, it’s not like Rod’s name is really Rodney.

He’s signed a statement of candidacy, so I would guess he is.