Imperium Galactica 2 (PC)

Quick question that I hope someone has the answer to.

Got a copy (original) of this game the other day from a friend. Yeah I know it’s old but fancied a bit of empire building. Anyways, having terrible trouble with the install. Receive an error message on launch along the lines of:

unable to load from file:screen /charset.bmp

Also having a spot of trouble locating the patch 1.04 (or at least one that works) as the game is so old. Can this be rectified without patch?
Thanks for any help

The Imperium Galatica forums address this in their FAQ:

Thanks ** lno **. That’ll do the trick.

Wow. I thought I might be the only one still playing this game.

FWIW: I had no problem installing this in XP, and only occasionally does the game (briefly) hang up, typified by a looping soundtrack, or a moment or two of “frozen” screen image.

I’ve been able to remedy this (mostly) by turning off the cut-scene movies.

That’s me all over ExTank, always last to the party.

What I wouldn’t mind as a game function is some sort of “Upkeep Cost” for military assets, to prevent the ridiculously large fleets one (and the computer-controlled opponents) are able to assemble, and Space Stations which can bitch-slap a fleet of battleships.

“You wanna invade my planets? Fine. Just get past my Death Stars, first!”

I love this game. Hell, I’d still play IG 1 if I could get it to run.

Has anyone noticed a rather sharp and distinct jump in difficulty between Easy and Medium difficulties? I get bored with Easy games, and seem to lose very quickly in Medium difficulty games. Within two to three game-years I’m wiped out by someone else.