Implants in babies?

I recently read a rather old Time Magazine article called “Cradles of Contention.” It’s about how two children were switched at birth. The article goes further and says that the University of Virginia Medical Center will begin to “implant electronic bellybutton chips on newborns,” to keep track of them. Are there really hospitals out there that implant electronic devices into babies to tracking and identification and if so, are they ever taken out of the newborns?

You’re going to have to post a link to the article in question. Most hospitals I’ve worked at have fairly sophisticated infant monitoring. It wouldn’t be too surprising that a hospital has considered putting a chip into the stump of the umbilical cord. It doesn’t fall off for several weeks after the baby leaves the hospital.

I would be surprised if they were actually implanting something that was permanent, but again, I can’t comment on this practice specifically without reading the article.

Since the article from Time requires one to pay before being able to view it, I’ve found another site that has a free copy of it. The link is below.

Cradles of Contention

Many hospitals use electronic umbilical alarms akready. They are generally removed upon discharge from the hospital.

Did anyone else think that this thread was referring to inserting breast implants in babies and wanted to wash their brains with hot soapy water to chase away terrible images? Just me? Okay, I’ll go away now . . . :eek:

My daughter was heavy on the hormones after birth. She not only got a period, she got little baby B cups and looked like she had implants. It was odd.

Are they talking about implanting in the stump that will fall off anyway?