Important #StraightDope info

We currently have a new bot in the IRC channel #StraightDope. This will allow people to get Ops and other fun things as well as “holding” the channel open when no one else is around.

Because of the number of people who join the channel and the fact that I have to manually add everyone, it’ll take a little time to get you all in. If you are on the channel, not on the bot, and wish to be, message me when you see me on and I’ll add you.

I highly recommend anyone not familiar with eggdrop bots to read the information at:
although I can’t make you do it. But you’ll be better off doing so and if you have questions about the bot, just ask me.

Please note that the bot is mine, not OpalCat’s so any questions, comments or general bitching about the bot should go to me.

The bot’s name is Mortwight. If you see him un-Op’ed, please Op him. Thanks :slight_smile:

“I guess one person can make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

You know, I’ve been interested in computers for nearly twenty years, and I pride myself on being familiar with most of how things work, even if I don’t understand the nitty gritty of a lot of it. And I even feel good when something new hits the web and I’m already knowledgable about it.

But the above post really gets me. There’s more webspeak than english in that one.

Maybe I should actually use IRC and then I wouldn’t feel so ignorant.

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The other bot in the channel is MrDopey

Op him if he isn’t opped, too. He can op you if you are on his list (contact me if you aren’t) and can do a few other things as well. For the moment, most of his fanciness involves rolling dice (yawn) but I plan on installing some trivia and other games this week.

In addition, he can keep you informed as to the status of the room at any given moment in time… just check out to see who is there, how often they are talking, what the current topic is, and who, if anyone, is banned!

For more info on the bots, check out

Teeming Millions:
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O p a l C a t

Thanks for the info guys! Look forward to meeting our new bots :slight_smile:

Oops, what a giveaway.

Shit!!! I knew that would happen eventually…Talk about “The gig is up!”

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Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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Pardon me, but what’s wrong with going and simply setting up a chat room, like on AOL? I’m not all that computer smart and I went and checked out the indicated website about ‘bots’ and within something like 4 seconds was totally confused. It seems like an awful lot of work just to use an interactive chat! I’ve used AOL chats and all you do is sign on and type away. Simple and easy. Plus, you can create any type of chat room you want. That’s real easy. You just hit ‘create’ and select a name and open it up.

What was described on that bot site, including ‘eggdrops’ (I thought that was a soup) seems very, very labor intensive.

What the hell happened to Puppy?

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–Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Puppy is dead, any more questions about it and you may meet the same fate. Consider yourself warned.

In response to why not AOL, well first AOL sucks, and secondary to that a large number (if not the majority) don’t use AOL and therefore don’t have access to the chat rooms.

Opal, keep us posted on the toys you install, hey are quite entertaining if you ask me. :slight_smile:

Joph, that link is kinda confusing, I know the first step like passwords and Oping myself, but everything else is quite complicated. I know using it probably isn’t, but that site really obfuscates things…to me anyways.
What level clearance to peeps like myself have and what commands does that include? Is there anything to do involving the bots if I ever need to ban someone, or what? I tried to access the help file on the bot and it said it didn’t exist.

OK, why make this harder then it needs to be? I chat in #straightdope everyday. I use Microsoft Chat (free download). You can also use mIRC. (also free). You can also use the weblink from Opals webpage.

Correct me if I’m wrong here, Opal or anyone. I have not created a password with the “bots”, as I don’t care if I have Ops or not. (Ops means having channel operator capapbilities. That means you can kick people out of the room, ban them, or change the room topic, in short). If you don’t care about doing that (which I don’t) then just come in and chat. You don’t need to created a password if you don’t want to. What’s the problem?

Puppy is gone (again, correct me if I’m wrong here) because it did not belong to any SD regs, and it wasn’t programmed to op the regulars that chat in the room. We now have new bots that will keep the room open, maintain our ban lists, and op people. This is important so we don’t end up with a bunch of spammers or jerks having access to the room. So what’s the problem?

If anyone has chat questions, they can certainly e-mail me and I’ll help them set up a chat client software program.

Hope to see you all chatting,

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get too high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
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Perhaps I misspoke myself…

No one needs to do anything with the bots (well, except perhaps myself and Opal), and since 95% of the time, there’s a user there to Op you if you so desire, then it’s all good.

As was said before, the purpose of the bots is to keep the channel open after all us Dopers have gone to bed, so no rogue n’er-do-wells wander in and set themself up with squatter’s rights. Believe it or not, there’s people out there with so little to do with their time that they look for moderately popular channels and “take them over” for the sole purpose of annoying you and I.

As for the link, I apologise if it reads like Latin to any of you. I’ve been doing this for years now and I guess my concept of “beginner” falls somewhere above the realistic concept of “beginner”. I forget that most of you have never even been on IRC before coming to #StraightDope, much less worried about bots. I’ll probably try to just write my own file for the basics and those of you who are interested can look at it, and those of you who aren’t can leave it up to the curious :wink:

Omni, to answer your question, so far anyone on the bots has at least “operator” status. Which basically means that you can do anything through the bot that you’re allowed to do as a channel Op (place bans, kick, change channel modes, etc). I’ll elaborate in the file I seem now destined to write.

“I guess one person can make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Ok… as promised. A plain, English version of how to use the most basic of the bot functions is located at:

It’s not complete, but it’ll tell you what there is to know. If you don’t care, don’t read it – no one is going to press you into the bot-army or anything :slight_smile:

“I guess one person can make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Two things:

  1. Jophiel’s info page is very helpful, read it.
  2. CowHerd is a bot also. Use it the same way as mortwight or mrdopey. But contact me with problems.