Impossible: Hangover III Is WORSE Than Hangover II

The Hangover was a pretty funny, original film.
Then Hangover II came out and it sucked big time.

On HBO they have started to show Hangover III this weekend.

I think we got about 15 minutes into the film - if that- before realizing they had done the impossible; they made Hangover III even WORSE than Hangover II.

It is just mind-boggling to me that people are paid to make films like this, paid to act in them, paid to write them, paid to market them - and not one person has the balls to stand up and say, “This is utter crap!”.

I know it is not uncommon for comedy films to be milked to death, and progressively get less and less funny each time, but I think the Hangover franchise has to take the cake for worst sequels.

Link please.

I thought Hangover III was better than the second one (which isn’t saying much.) Kept me entertained, anyway.

Hopefully, ***Hangover III ***will be the final nail in the Hangover franchise coffin. However, it did well financially, so even without its major stars at the helm, we will likely be cursed with at least one further sequel.

Well, this just shows how subjective comedy can be. After all the fuss it caused, when I finally saw the first *Hangover *on PPV I thought it sucked. I watched it again with friends (and slightly inebriated) and I thought, ok, it still sucks but it’s at least tolerable this way. Consequently I never bothered with the second one.

I went unwillingly into the third one with this in mind, and was surprised to find that the third was actually sort of ok. Certainly better than the first, for these reasons:

[li]It had more of a plot than the paper thin and tiresome ‘what did we do last night’ motif.[/li][li]It had very little of the Galifianakis character, thank god (I like him as a comedic actor, but his character in this was just an unlikeable asshole they would have ditched immediately!)[/li][li]It had a lot more of the Asian guy from Community, who was the funniest thing in the first one![/li][/ol]

To each his own mostly…

Hangover III gave Obama a zinger to use against Zack Galifinakis, so it has that going for it.

I thought it was better than the second one, but it wasn’t particularly funny. They sort of turned it into a dark action film that didn’t really have any of the laughs or charm of the original.

Plus over the course of the three films, the Galifinakis character has developed a sort of “meanness” that makes him less a lovable retard (pronounced re TARD) and more a borderline sociopath.

Hangover II and III were such complete shit they made The Hangover worse by association. II was a tired copy of the original and III is barely a comedy. It was like they dusted off some lame B Movie thriller script and put the Hangover characters in it.

Caught the second half of this recently. Comparing it to a steaming pile of shit is unfair to the steaming pile of shit, which at least has some value as fertilizer.

A big ass limo runs in to a fire hydrant, tossing a guy in a parachute off the hood onto the concrete, in full view of multiple witnesses, and there is no police response? And no visible damage to the limo? :rolleyes:

It’s Vegas, baby.

My wife and I made it through about 15 minutes. Ugh. We actually stopped a few minutes in to debate what the writers would do with the Giraffe on the highway scene. I was wrong in thinking they would find some clever way to make that scene funny rather than stupidly gory.

Yes, the first one was better than the third one.
That being said the first one was way over rated and the third is under rated.

“Impossible” that a 3rd incarnation of a movie is worse? I think you misspelled “inevitable.”