In A Marvel Comics/ Star Trek Amalgam Universe...

Reading through the recent 'Avengers/JLA" mini-series got me to thinking about the Amalgam gimmick from a few years ago. Thinking of that got me to imagining some new Amalgam ideas:

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship “Mighty Avenger” on a five-year(?) mission to seek out new life and new civilizations, to go boldly where no one has gone before…

Star Trek: the Federations’ Mightiest Explorers

Captain Steve Rogers: A man displaced from his own era. Rogers was originally captain of the Federation Starship “Bucky” which was ambushed by Skrullengi fighters. The Bucky was destroyed, and ironcally only Captain Rogers survived. Alone in a warpdrive-less escape pod, Capt. Rogers was forced to enter a stasis chamber to survive. That was in the 23rd century. His frozen form was discovered by the original “Mighty Avenger” crew in the mid-24th century. Rogers was haunted by the loss of the Bucky, and forced to adapt to a universe a century more advanced. Yet adapt he did, and now he is the unquestioned captain of the Federation’s mightiest vessel.

Lt. Cmdr Reed Richards: Also Chief Science Officer. Richards is famous throughout the Federation for his pioneering efforts to breach the Subspace Zone. Richards is stodgy, obsessive about his scientific research, and often distracted. (This is possibly explained by the fact that he has a Vulcan ancestor in his family tree.) Although typically wooden, Richards has been known to crack a smile for Yeoman Susan Storm.

Lt. Tony Stark: Chief Engineer, hailing from an aristocratic background. Stark was initially rejected from Starfleet because of a heart condition. Undaunted, he invented a device to correct his own disability, and reapplied. He was accepted on the basis of his inventing genius. Stark is constantly upgrading the technology onboard the Mighty Avenger. But his off-duty antics, chiefly involving consumption of too much synthehol, concerns his fellow officers.

Dr. Bruce Banner: Chief Medical Officer. The shy, quiet and reserved Dr. Banner gained early fame for his gamma radiation experiments. Dr. Banner secretly suffers from a turbulent childhood and has an explosive temper. When he gets into a rage, he demonstrates strength and ferocity far beyond his rather meek build.

Lt. Natasha Romanoff: Chief of Security. ‘Tasha’ was trained by the M.A.R.Q.U.I.S. to be a spy for the subversives group. However, after infiltrating Starfleet, she came to embrace the organisations’ ideals and turned her back on the M.A.R.Q.U.I.S. After several years as a special agent of Starfleets’ espionage division (under the direction of Adm. Nick Fury), Natasha gained the trust of Starfleet, and Captain Rogers.

Counselor Jean Grey: A ‘homo superior’ with uncanny powers of the mind. Counselor Grey was trained at the Xavier Institute on Betazed in psychotelepathy (use of psi-powers for therapuetic purposes). She is Captain Rogers’ advisor and the ships’ personal problem-solver. She eschews the traditional Starfleet uniform for a form-fitting ‘phoenix’ emblazoned outfit that accentuates her cleavage.

Ensign Peter Parker: The bumbling, awkward, clumsy ensign is often an exasperation for his fellow crewmates. he does have one saving grace though, that is his amazing & spectacular abillity to deduce when danger or trouble is about to occur, and avoid it. (To date, he is the only ‘red-shirt’ to beam UP from a landing party mission!)

Reading your post, Mister Vandelay, reminded me of something. Did you know there is a Star Trek novel in which the paths of the X-Men and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise cross? I think it’s called Star Trek: The Next Generation–Planet X, or something very similar. I think the author’s name is Friedman. In this book, Picard muses about his prior experiences with the X-Men, so evidently they crossed paths in a previous novel, as well. I only read a couple chapters in it–life kept interfering with my reading time, so I ended up putting this book down and it didn’t excite me enough to make me ever pick it up again. Still, if “Marvel meets Trek” turns you on, you may want to check this book out. If, that is, you’re interested. Have a great night!

The novel is probably a sequel to the comic book that came out several years ago in which Wolvie and the gang ended up on the Enterprise.

I read that. Allegedly, the first meeting occurred when the Enterprise-E was returning to the 24th century after the events of “First Contact”. The book occurs after the X-Men get involved in a time-jumping situation of their own.

Michael Jan Friedman was the author’s name. I don’t remember the book title.

I read that. Allegedly, the first meeting occurred when the Enterprise-E was returning to the 24th century after the events of “First Contact”. The book occurs after the X-Men get involved in a time-jumping situation of their own.

Michael Jan Friedman was the author’s name. I don’t remember the book title.

There’s a hysterical moment in the novel in which Captain Picard encounters a holodeck duplicate of Professor X, and the two muse about how much they look alike. This becomes all the funnier when one considers that Patrick Stewart played Xavier in the X-Men movie.

But Banner was a physicist, not a physician. Doc Strange would make a better CMO. Since you’ve already got Reed as the Science Officer, if you really want Bruce in the crew, demote him and make him part of Richards’ group.

“Ben Sisko: Agent of ‘S.H.I.E.L.D. 31’”

Ensign Pryde would have a pet winged Tribble.

Spock would have been ressurected via the Phoenix Force. (Or maybe Jean would have been ressurected via the Genesis Device…that last one actually works better.)

Starfleet would be hated and feared, despite the fact that it brings peace and security to the Federation.

Come to think of it, the Federation would probably still backslide away from it’s sacred “ideals,” every time they became inconvenient.

Captain Janeway (same name and title…but for a whooole differnt reason. :eek:) would have defeated Galactus inside of half an hour.

The twin homeworlds of the Romulan Empire would become Latverius and Doomus. Guess who’d be in charge.

The “Assignment: Earth” episode would have taken place in the Hyborian Age.

And, every once in a while MarvelTrek would do a shoddily drawn crossover with DCWars. (Obruce-Wan KenoBat would kick everyone else’s ass, as usual.)

Umm…I always thought the X-Men/Star Trek cross over delt with the original crew. The X-Men were fighting Proteus and got tossed into a time warp or something and ended up on the old enterprise with Kirk and friends. Somehow, Proteus merged with an old friend of Kirks, and so the two teams had to come together and destroy him before he took out the universe. The artwork was rather good, but I never actually read it. I did read what was probably the funniest part though:

Nurse: Dr. McCoy!

Beast and Bones in unison: “Yes?”

Then the awkward glance at one another. Pretty priceless. But I never knew there was a Next Generation Cross over. How’d that one turn out?

I actually have this…

I own “Planet X”, the novel that Michael Jan Friedman wrote. If you happen to like both Trek and the X-Men, it’s fun to read for nothing else than the gimmick but I don’t remember it being very good otherwise.

I like your ideas, Art, but you seem to be focusing entirely on TOS and TNG Trek, A few elements of DS9, VOY, and ENT would make it more appealing.