In a nuclear attack... (Spoilers for Robert McCammon's 'Swan Song')

I recently finished a book called Swan Song by Robert McCammon, which tells the story of a nuclear war between the US and the Soviet Union sometime in the 80’s.

In one of the first chapters, after the button has been pressed and the nukes are flying, the President of the United States rides out the nuclear war in the safety of the Airborne Command Post, a Boeing E-4B flying at about 30,000 feet. From his window, the President can see bits of houses, trees and bridges etc being thrown into the sky by the “tremendous shock waves and super-tornado force winds”.

I could sort of believe that part, up until the point when a Greyhound bus filled with burning corpses comes streaking up 30,000 feet towards the aircraft and knocks it out of the sky.

Now my question is this; would it be physically possible for an object the size of a Greyhound bus to be thrown that far into the air by the force of multiple nuclear blasts? Or is the author just using artistic license to progress the story?

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