In another Dimension, the Beatles Never Broke Up

This thread might be a “what if” bit of idle speculation - what would the Beatles’ve done if they hadn’t broken up?

Or it might be totally literally for real.

It’s up to you.

I prefer to speculate on what the band would have been like had Paul not died.

I’ve heard at least one of those songs “Strange Days” before. My guess is a tribute band.

That one’s a mash-up of the verses of “Soft-Hearted Hana” by George Harrison and the chorus of “Nobody Told Me” by John Lennon.

Best-case scenario, they’d have ended up like their rivals, the Stones, and spent 30 years playing their 60s hits to aging audiences in denial. Maybe put out another album in the 80s, but it wouldn’t add more than one hit single to the legendarium. The special quality of the Beatles would never have developed, since they would have been on the scene the whole time, spending longer as the tag-end of a vanished era than they did as an actual thriving band.

Worst-case scenario, Lennon never recorded his 70s solo work, and we wouldn’t have “Instant Karma”, “Happy Xmas/War is Over”, “Woman”, “Imagine”, “Starting Over” or “Whatever Gets You Through The Night”.

After a brief rest, in the early eighties, they teamed up with The Sugarhill Gang to do a remix version of Rocky Raccoon. This caused a resurgence in their popularity among the high school students. The eighties was their make-up and big hair phase although Lennon tended towards white tuxedo’s and oversized glasses. These were certainly great showe to see if you didn’t mind the sulfur smell from all the pyrotechnics. They struggled to compete with the new “alternative” rock of the early nineties. George even did a little solo stint under the pseudo name Charles Gaines, but this didn’t last long. Nowdays they play solid venues like Ravinia and insist that Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds the Magic Dragon had nothing to do with drugs.

And the downside is…?

Maybe they would have been Beatles songs instead. Along with McCartney’s Uncle Albert, Jet, Helen Wheels, Maybe I’m Amazed.

Tortured me at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Ebony and Ivory?

Having listened to four or five of the tracks of this, all I can say is that if we accept that this is what would have happened had the Beatles never broken up, we have a lot to thank Yoko for.

These are atrocious.

Apparently the Beatles lost all their ability to write clever lyrics, or interesting ballads, and instead turned into a crappy techno(?) group that sings songs with the same vomited up lyric (singular) over and over.

The “Four Boys” song is like 3 sentences total. Two out of “Band on the run” and one from a tune (a Lennon one?) that I don’t recognize. The thing that makes the song “Band on the Run” a good song (beyond the catchy melody–which is replaced in this version by a really bad “L’IL TYKE’S FIRST SYNTHESIZER” backbeat) is the quasi-epic ballad/story nature of the song. Just repeating “If I ever get out of here/Band on the run” over and over loses all that.

I was hoping for a really good sound alike band doing beatles-esque songs (like Klatuu). :frowning:

Rumor has it that the Townshend-Daltrey band will be torturing you instead.

They would have released an album 30 years after they broke up that “became the fastest-selling album of all time and the highest-selling of 2000 and, most importantly, of the entire decade.”

I’ve heard this also.

Each year, they regress back in time. Next year, I hear they are looking into projecting 3D holograms of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

The only way this trend will change is if a wardrobe malfunction shows a 60 year old rocker’s saggy ass and balls.

There’s a great song about a hypothetical Beatles reunion, When the Beatles Hit America, by John Wesley Harding.

I’ve heard two recorded versions and seen him perform it live. Each is slightly different, lyrics to the early version are here.



I’m not clicking on that link.

I don’t know if the Beatles would have remained a band, but I can imagine a world in which Lennon and McCartney realized that neither of them alone was anywhere near as good as the two of them together, and got back together to write. But it would have to be something that didn’t involve touring - possibly theatrical musicals, that would have the range to allow both to indulge their excesses, but with the moderating influence of the other.

My Brave Face would be a Beatles tune.

Well, if they never broke up then they couldn’t have reunited on Saturday Night Live

The marketing line on the back of the box for The Beatles Rock Band indicating that the game was made with the help and approval of the Beatles would seem slightly less ridiculous:D.

I’m predicting that they end up doing some collaboration work with Micheal Jackson, eventually they end up doing a sci-fi musical 3D movie based on Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band starring Micheal Jackson and being featured at Disney theme parks world wide.

ETA: Or, come to think of it, “Across the Universe” would be a better song to base a sci-fi musical off of. Possibly the 2007 movie of the same name would end up not being made, which I think would be a shame, but what are ya gonna do?