In bear encounters conflicting advice. Do you make eye contact or not?

Or then there’s the old one, how do you tell the difference between a black bear and a brown bear? Climb a tree. If it climbs up after you, it’s black. If it knocks the tree down, it’s brown.

Or piss them off more. I don’t think controlled studies have been done. :wink:

Selling hyper-pepper spray is a good repeat business for locals. You can’t bring the stuff in on a commercial plane or take it out that way after your trip is over.

If you’re visiting a wild area, there may be particular zones where bears are active. We walked a few trails in the Grand Tetons, avoiding one that was notorious for bear activity. Might’ve been a cool spot to test the pepper spray theory…

I have always suspected this is the reason my son is always inviting me to go hiking with his family in grizzly country. They have crossed paths with dozens of them over the years without issue but my son says it never fails to scare him none the less. They are scary beasts up close. I don’t think he has ever been closer than about 100 yards.

What are you talking about? Nothing’s scary to a honey badger.

In that case I think you definitely want to make eye contact.

So should I take away from these posts that bears don’t read faces like dogs and horses? That they focus more on overall body language? Would that be correct?

My understanding is that a bear’s facial expressions and those of a human are very similar on a basic level, so perhaps they can read our faces.

"Body language is how they communicate their intentions not only to each other, but also to us, and they read our body language to discern what our intentions are. "