"In France" lyrics - Zappa

“If you pooch a civilian, it’s a mayor event”

Can someone explain this line to me?

It’s “major event,” and, according to this, Arthur Barrow, Zappa’s bassist at the time, says it’s about the bad luck the band was having with the groupies in French. So if they actually got a chance to plook one, that would be a major event.

Bah, I correct a spelling mistake, and then say “in French” where I should have said “in France.” Gaudere’s Law is a harsh mistress.

It sounded like “major” to me, but every single lyric site I checked out said “mayor”. I figured there was a reason. Thanks for the answer, Already in Use.

Yeah, even the one I linked to had “mayor,” but “major” makes sense, and I made sure to check what I consider to be the authoritative Zappa lyrics site, and saw that it agrees.