In general are you proud or ashamed of humanity and being human?

Do you see humans as tinny little organisms with delusions of grandeur in an infinite universe enslaved to their biology, conditioning, local/global economy and small perspective? Or do you see us as noble creatures stuggiling against the odds to create a “better” reality? Does human history and the human condition/current state of affairs impress or apall you? Both? Neither? Why?
For me it’s both. Our much vaunted daily awareness seems pretty small and preprogramed (biologiclyand socially) to me compared to the reality of space/time and the possibilities of awareness. Never the less the fact that life and awareness can come from matter at all blows me away and sometimes I am happy to be apart of it. Still, the hidious violence that humans have done and do to each other and other species makes me ashamed of humanity and being apart of it. On the other hand, evolving out of the ocean to our current social/biological state is pretty amazing to me. We could have easily turned out to be alot more violent than we are. I picture these reptile/shark men strutting around like klingon-dinosaurs using there intelligence for complete domination of other species. Breeding other species just for food with little to no respect for their individual lives… ooops!

Tinny? I always felt irony was my strong suit.:slight_smile:

Kidding aside, I love this topic. About a month ago, I started a GD thread called Are you a person or an animal? that resonates with this thread.

I find that while individual humans can behave in a manner quite outside of the guidelines Nature has given us, on the whole, as a society, our basic instincts and drives are by far the dominant forces shaping human behavior. Therefore, I find the elevation of our species to some vaunted status disingenuous.

That being said, I’m not ashamed of being an element of the living system which developed here. For certain, we need to fight our biases, to look at the vastness of the universe with fully open eyes and appreciate our tininess. However, even if it’s all in our heads, the coolness of the Earth is undeniable.

So to answer your question:

  1. Yes we’re tiny little organisms (but we needn’t be ashamed)

  2. Life is cool and we’re a part of it, right?

  3. This is the very first time I’ve said Hi Opal

I think we’re a blight on the universe, and deserve complete nothing less than total annihilation by our own hand.

Especially sine I can’t even write a sentence without cocking it up. :rolleyes: